Lutherans Declare Catholic Priesthood is Valid

Any thoughts on the Lutheran Church proclaiming Catholic validity. Telling Lutheran laity it is OK to view Catholic priests as another source for spiritual needs including the Eucharist.

churches “declare formally their judgment that the ordained
ministers of the Roman Catholic Church are engaged in a valid ministry
of the Gospel …] and that the body and blood of our Lord Jesus
Christ are truly present in their celebrations of the sacrament of the

IIRC most Lutheran theologians believe that the RC, EO, and Anglican churches have valid sacraments, and preach the word. Hence are part of the true church.

So why not inter-communion?

Lutherans and Anglicans cannot receive the Eucharist at the Catholic Church because the Catholic Church rightly, does not believe in the holy orders of those communities. Lutherans and Anglicans are self ordained, same as all protestant ministers, and are not Apostolic in any way, shape, or form. While it is a wonderful thing that these communities believe in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, the fact that they do not have valid Priesthoods means that Christ is “not” present in the Eucharist within these communities. It would be a mortal sin for Catholics to receive a false Eucharist at a Lutheran or Anglican community and it would be a mortal sin for Lutherans or Anglicans to receive the real Eucharist at a Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church never needed the nod by any other denomination to validate their priesthood.


Yes the opening quote is taken from the Lutheran perspective. Here’s another one:

Evangelical-Lutherans, on the other hand, while quite unyielding
about matters of faith, are very flexible regarding church order,
holding that “any form of polity which serves the proclamation of the
Gospel is acceptable”, including the episcopacy, with or without “apostolic
succession”.42 In fact, the Evangelical-Lutheran confessions indicate
a preference for retaining the traditional episcopal order and
discipline of the Church, and express regret that no bishop was willing
to ordain priests for evangelical congregations.43

Here is a Catholic perspective:

  1. What follows for the relations between our churches from the analysis above, supported by the biblical and historical explanations that follow below? Building upon the earlier Lutheran-Roman Catholic dialogues, Eucharist and Ministry and Facing Unity,156 we propose steps toward a full, mutual recognition and reconciliation of our ministries and the ultimate goal of full communion. We are aware of common challenges to overcome. Nevertheless, the mutual recognition of ministries need not be an all-or-nothing matter and should not be reduced to a simple judgment about validity or invalidity. In order to assess the degree of our koinonia in ordained ministry, a more nuanced discernment is needed reflecting the way that an ordained ministry serves the proclamation of the gospel and the administration of the sacraments, stands in continuity with the apostolic tradition, and serves communion among churches.…-salvation.cfm

AFAIK, Lutherans never denied it.

Originally posted by ** MaryT777 **

The Catholic Church never needed the nod by any other denomination to validate their priesthood.


Exactly, Mary. :thumbsup:
We Lutherans feel the same way about ours.


Inter-communion would require doctrinal agreement.
Pray for the day.


There’s a lot of that sort of attitude out there. Lots of folks say the same.


And all RCs should affirm this, at the appropriate level of theological certainty, and follow such teachings.

Anglicans, and others, may have another view of the matter; as of Apostolicae curae, for example.


The whole thing is a Joke. Who gave Martin Luther a mandate to form a Church of his own,
correct. Know One.

That’s the point. Historically Lutherans have accepted the papacy minus 16th Century abuse. There are no abuses since Vatican 2. And a paradox for Lutherans. How often do you hear a Lutheran pastor refer laity to a Catholic priest?

What whole thing is a joke Celtic? Are you saying that the Catholic priesthood is not valid? Or are you straying off topic?

I think CM was referring to Lutherans not having valid orders.

Do Lutherans worship their Eucharist in their service and outside of it?

Yes. The emphasis is on Christ’s Presence throughout Mass and in particular at the consecration. Many parishes also have the Reserved Sacrament in either tabernacle/ ambry or in sacristy.

Interesting. So if you entered a church outside of a service you genuflect and/or bow? Do you have Adoration Chapels?

Why is it not all parishes?

You rarely will find an adoration chapel, not that said is doctrinally forbidden. Lutherans tend to practice Eucharistc adoration within the sacramental act. However, when I know that, at our parish, reliquae has been reserved, I always bow when in the sanctuary.

That said, this in no way has anything to do with a recognition of orders. When I enter a Catholic church, I will bow there, too.


We wouldn’t claim Luther had authority to form a separate Church. We confess the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.


My parish and other Lutheran congregations near me have the Reserved Sacrament to the side of the altar or in an adjoining chapel. But metro NYC has been a biretta belt back in the 1950’s.

I served at Mass as an acolyte but in those days the pastor was the only person who could touch the paten and chalice. We just knelt. Communion would take easily an additional 30 minutes. :smiley:

I have assisted at Mass as a eucharistic minister.

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