Lutherans video on the Catholic Church

This is a true representation of the Catholic Church posted by the Lutherans.

I watched up until the part on the sacraments. I got too tired. However, I was impressed with what I saw up until that point.
It was respectful. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Will finish the video later. Thanks for the link.

Thanks for sharing that, McCartney. I finally got around to watching it tonight.

It’s worth remembering that the ELCA is a body which holds fast and loose with respect to the Lutheran confessions and has embraced a number of garden varieties of unorthodoxy. It is considered neither orthodox nor faithfully Lutheran by orthodox Lutheran churches such as the LCMS.

Perhaps not, but they are very much like the Anglicans in many regards. In fact, my understanding is that they are in communion with the Episcopal Church. They span the whole range of high-church to low-church, liberal to conservative, Protestant to quasi-Catholic (e.g. reservation of the Blessed Sacrament in a prominent tabernacle).

Oh I agree. But I liked the video. I think it was fair and kind to the Roman Communion, but without promoting “irenicism” (or, if you think it did, I’m open to hearing your thoughts on it).

To be fair to the ELCA, it doesn’t hold any of the Lutheran Confessions to be authoritative, outside of the Confessio Augustana, so it’s not bound to the same beliefs that more Confessional synods bind themselves to. That said, yes, it is, at both the national level and in most places, an unorthodox, quasi-Lutheran mess. How it has moved so far from the spirit and intention of CA is inexplicable. :shrug:

Yes, and here is the hope. There are still good Confessional Lutherans in the ELCA.

I don’t know either. But I’m happy that you’re still on CA. :slight_smile:

Ha! I see what you did there… :wink:

It’s because of posters like you that I stick around.

Oh the guilt! The guilt! :eek:

I found it to be a very good video. There was one or two places that the person could have responded better, but all in all a good (not great) video.

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