Hello, my friend is Lutheren. Do you have any suggestions as to what I might be able to say to her in regards to her becoming interested in the Catholic Faith? Thank you so much…


Invite her to Mass. But don’t do so if you are unwilling to then attend a Lutheran service in return.


If you visit each other’s churches, you may be struck by the similarities, assuming that the liturgies are well-celebrated.

You might try to locate a copy of Catholic Matters, by Richard Neuhaus. Neuhaus is a former Lutheran (LC-MS) pastor who converted, and is now a Catholic priest. There is a chapter in the book where he gives his conversion story, and he is very gracious and appreciative about his Lutheran upbringing. In fact, I sent a copy of the book to my parents as the first gentle “hint” that I was thinking about converting. That chapter, in particular, might stimulate some hopefully respectful discussions about Lutherans and Catholics.


Thank you so much. Will do!

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