Luther's hymns preserved

Luther’s music is almost 500 years old, and just in time for the holidays.

Originally Quoted by the article Sirach14 refers to:

Among the 39 pieces in the new collection, there are many elements of the traditional liturgy Luther turned into congregational chants, for example, the Gloria (“All Glory be to God Alone,”) the Credo, (“We, All Believe in One True God,”) or the Lord’s Prayer (“Our Father, Who From Heaven Above”).
Many of these have long entered the Roman Catholic repertoire, especially in Germany, the homeland of the Reformation. There, the Catholic hymnal even features the “Mighty Fortress,” at one time seen as a battle hymn against Rome.
Yet a battle hymn it still is — not against Catholicism but against the devil Luther described as a “sad spirit who makes people sad … and runs from music as far as he can.”

Interesting. A few months ago I remember flipping through my hymnal during some point in mass. I remember seeing the name MARTIN LUTHER listed in the index of composers. So, turns out that my hymnal includes some hymns of Martin Luther. Now all we need is a great archaeological find. Then we can have hymns written by Nestorius and Arius.

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