Luxury is not befitting


In The Book of Proverbs, Chapter 19 Verse 10 states:
Luxury is not befitting a fool; much less should a slave rule over princes.
Please explain.


First, it’s called “PROVERBS” for a reason. They’re useful sayings that point out truths, but that doesn’t mean you HAVE to live, word-for-word, by them.

Second, the actual explanation. The gist of this is, why should someone have something they’re not fit to have? A fool would not appreciate luxury - they would waste it or do some other foolish thing with it. A wise man would share the luxury, or use it well, or even simply be grateful for what he has. Similarly, a slave (who presumably has no education, no leadership skills, etc.) would be a bad choice to rule over princes, because he is unfit for that specific duty. Hope that helps!


Unless one thinks that they are a fool (and hardly anybody does), what would be problematic about this verse?


Ever notice how certain people that are used to being poor, that come into sudden money, like a lottery win, or going into professional sports, they have problems handling that kind of money and get into trouble?


WELL SAID. :thumbsup:


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