Luz del Mundo church


Does anyone know about this Hispanic church? There’s one near me and they are packed. It seems to be an Hispanic Holiness Church - the women all wear long dresses and cover their heads and don’t cut their hair. I’ve tried to do some research and have come up empty.


This is what I’ve read about them.
**"La Luz del Mundo” claims to have five million members in 33 countries. Their leader and “living apostle,” Samuel Joaquín Flores, denies the doctrine of the Trinity. He also claims that there is no salvation outside his church. **
AHe has a special group of followers (Los Incondicionales (“the Unconditionals”), that is sworn to obey their leader’s every order and is used to suppress opponents and dissenters — even if it means resorting to violence.


O.K., they sound like the Jesus Only Pentecostals. Hmm, the group near where I live seem to be very nice, but they don’t speak Ingles. They use a Star of David on their property and that intrigues my Jewish boss. She isn’t very conversant with religion - I know more about the Jewish faith than she does, and when I tried to explain the Jesus Only doctrine to her, it went over her head.

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