Lying About What Person You're Voting For

I absolutely hate discussing politics. I always tell my parents the actual person I am voting for. However, I loathe being asked by strangers/acquaintances who I am voting for.

If an acquaintance walks up to me and asks me who I am voting for (classmate/parishioner/etc.) I always tell them I’m voting for Mickey, Mickey Mouse. I don’t tell them that I’ll be voting for Donald Trump because they might get angry/offended and start an argument. I don’t want to make any enemies. I just want to get along with people.

So here’s the thing: Lying is bad. That I know. But this is a case which is pretty unusual. This is clearly not grave matter in the least (at least I think.) Thus it wouldn’t be a sin. The question, however, remains: When is lying a sin?

Why do you feel lying is the only option?
It’s no one’s business who you are voting for, particularly if you’re not keen on discussing it further.
All you say is
“I prefer to keep that information to myself, and I promise you I won’t ask you either”. And then SMILE.
If they press you further, just smile and walk away or change the subject.
Get used to dealing with pushy people.
Tact is a skill.

You haven’t voted yet. No one has been nominated yet. Any candidate might drop out or drop dead. Anything could happen. Therefore you can truthfully say that you do not know whom you will vote for, and that you will decide when Election Day draws nearer.

Lying is yes a sin.

But is what you are doing lying???

Sounds rather like others will understand when you say “mickey mouse” that your not telling them who your voting for.

Now if a person named mickey mouse was running…and you were not voting for them…that would be a lie.

But perhaps just tell the person - hey I do not want to get into that at the moment …or something like that…

Thanks for the replies! I should really just tell them that I don’t want to talk politics. That would work the same. :slight_smile:

I tell people, “I’m voting for the candidate of my choice,” and they chuckle and take the hint and leave it at that. :slight_smile:

I think you’d actually be better off voting for a cartoon rodent rather than Trump.

Right. It seems to me that people would know you weren’t being serious.

But, as others have said, there’s nothing wrong with saying you don’t want to share. I like Clare’s suggestion to do it with a smile. That often goes a long way.

My FIL refuses to share with anyone who he is voting for. Says it’s a secret ballot for a reason. :stuck_out_tongue:

Then why not vote for Donald Duck? Unlike the RINO Mickey, he’s a war veteran. :smiley:

You know, you guys are onto something here with this Disney stuff!

If there’s anything that sums up our government, it’s this:

As in Hilary :slight_smile:

I always tell them that I am voting for the lesser of 2 evils. :wink:

They can draw any conclusion they wish.

My grandfather owned his own business. When people asked which candidate he supported, he’d say " that’s my business." He didn’t want to alienate his customers.

That rings true today. Why do people feel they are entitled to know who someone is voting for?

Further, people are just too pushy with info. I was in a bookstore last week. I had a bandage on my hand and the cashier asked “what did you do to yourself?” I smiled and said “I’d rather not tell you.” She looked sheepish. Maybe she learned something.

Frankly I’ve always been fond of the Looney Toons myself. If the name fits…

You could just tell them you’re not comfortable discussing politics. Political discussions can end friendships.


Sad but true!

LOL!:smiley: You actually told everyone who you are voting for! Remember that “secret ballet” means just that. It is a secret unto yourself and God unless you chose to share it. And as for all the “polls” that we sheep are supposed to follow over a cliff; well, no one called me. The media is manipulating the heck out of this coming election. We really don’t have a lot of choice in the “free election” process, do we.

BTW, just my opinion: Bring back the draft and take a lot of troublesome boys/men of the street and teach them some good disipline, manners and values. Peace.

When you say “Mickey Mouse” you are saying that you don’t with to discuss the election, which is true. I don’t think you are lying. You are actually under no obligation to tell anyone who you are voting for.

Just tell anyone who asks that you are giving your vote to the Holy Spirit, so you won’t know who you voted for until you turn in your ballot :dancing:

Mickey Mouse us a major proponent of SS"M". Or at least his employer is…

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