"Lying" In A Job Interview?

I very recently had a job interview at a supermarket (entry level position) in which one of the questions was something along the lines of “Have you shopped here before?/Are you familiar with the store?” etc. Partly out of panic and mostly fearing that telling the truth could ruin my chances at getting the job, I said that I had been a customer for several years and that I like the selection, prices, and so on. I hadn’t been to that particular store in many years and I only saw it as it is currently for the first time about 5 minutes before the interview started.

It wasn’t by any means the only question asked of me and I did not forge or lie about any info on my résumé, job history, nothing they could do a background check on, etc. and a part of me thinks I’m overthinking this but another part of me wonders if I’ve committed a sin (let alone a serious one) and if I can in good conscience keep the job (they pretty much hired me on the spot) and for that matter live with myself/sleep at night. I’ve been searching for some kind of part time or full time job for several months now and I’m looking to make and save as much money as I can so that I can live on my own and also have a safety net of some sort. And my intent was not to deceive the manager, etc. as I feel like I didn’t have much to prove to them (other than my word) that I would be nothing less than a devoted and loyal employee. I certainly didn’t want them to think that the ONLY thing I care about is the paycheck.

Does any of this qualify as mortal sin? Even venial sin?

Perhaps a venial sin, but I wouldn’t quite your job over it.

Lying during a job interview is not a good idea - not just from a moral standpoint, but from a practical one.
Let’s say you get the job. Sooner or later your lie(s) will catch up with you and have disasterous results, the least of which is that you will get fired.
To some of you that may not seem much, but it is something that can prevent you from obtaining meaningful employment in the future. With a little guile, one can hide almost anything from ones past. However there are three things that are almost impossible to hide from potential employers: 1) having a higher education that the job you are applying for demands, 2) having a less than honorable discharge from the military, and 3) being fired from a job for dishonesty.

Yes, you lied, and you should mention it next time you go to Confession. That you lied on the spur of the moment when can’t off-guard might very well indicate it wasn’t something you completely consented to. But it is still wrong.

That said, it doesn’t irreparably taint your new job. Go to Confession. Be forgiven. Move on. There’s no need to quit the job. If your lie were more serious or directly related to your ability to do your job, it might be a different story.

Joe5859 gave the correct answer… sometimes we lie to save our own neck !
it’s what makes us human… the good thing is that you felt Guilt…
That in itself shows your not a bad person, your a good person trying to get a job so you can support yourself… jobs are really hard to find, if you were a rocket scientist you would not be going for this particular job… your a good normal christian trying to do the right thing… you have learnt another lesson on life … Enjoy your job… God Bless

Having sat on the other side of the table at job interviews, you expect people to embellish the truth. Bad things will be hidden, or skated over, while good things will be exaggerated and over-emphasised. As the interviewer you make allowances for this. If I was listening to your answer, I would have read it as, “I have shopped here, but probably not as often as I’m saying.”

Outright lying is not common. Embellishing a basis of truth, as in your case – you did actually use the store – is expected. Everyone being interviewed wants to look their best. It is a bit like putting on your best interview suit. Those are not your normal day to day clothes, you are presenting a different version of yourself. That is expected and allowed for.



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