Lying in Confession?

I got drunk a few days ago. I didn’t mean to, so it wasn’t a mortal sin. I went to confession today, and when I confessed this, the priest asked me if I was “influenced” by other people into drinking. When he asked this, I said no, even though I think the answer is probably yes, that I was influenced by other people. At the time of my confession I didn’t really think about it, even though I knew in the back of my head I wasn’t being completely honest with him.

Did this invalidate my confession? I honestly confessed the sin, I guess I just got caught off-guard by the question and my automatic response was to say “no, I did it of my own accord.” I don’t know if I am just scrupling over something that’s no big deal…

Thank you so much

You honestly confessed your sin. When the priest asked whether or not anyone influenced you to drink he was probably checking for mitigating circumstances (lessen the blame). Because you accepted full blame for your actions, the severity of your sin was not lessened. Therefore your confession was valid.

I know it’s hard but next time try to slow down and not give “off the cuff” answers.

Christ’s peace.

Your confession was quite valid. I’m not sure why the priest even asked the question, as it would be hard for an individual to separate all the influences that led to a particular sin. In any case, being influenced by others to drink would be a mitigating factor. You simply assumed all the culpability for yourself. It’s nothing to worry about.

Perhaps the confession was valid as other posters suggest, but one needs to cultivate the habit of being completely honest in one’s responses.

Do not let this tendency to couch your answers progress.

On a separate note …
Is getting drunk really a mortal sin in your understanding?

Thank you everyone for your kind responses :slight_smile:

I didn’t think so, until I read this:

A hard pill to swallow, I know. But I guess the more I think about it the more I agree. :shrug:

I have also experianced this. If you honestly confessed then don’t worry. What is inportant now is that you move on, and rejoice in your new life. Don’t scruple about maybe I did, maybe I didn’t, but just move on. God Bless! :slight_smile:

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