Lying in Confession

I added a sin in confession when the priest asked about it. I came up with lie ad made the sin bigger that what it was. I found out that is mortal sin to lie in confession. I feel depressed. Was it mortal sin? EDIT: It was a sin that never happened.

just go back to confession and confess your untruthfulness

dont get tangled in webs of scrupulosity

Was it intentional?

No. I am used to writing it down and saying the same thing every time. It is a habit of stealing stuff such as pencil. I broke the habit but I am accustomed to writing it down so much. It is due scrupulosity, which I need to break that as well.

It is due scrupulosity, which I need to break that as well.

work on that, guy

the point of confession is not trickery , “I GOTCHAS” entanglement & crossword puzzles

confess your sins

do your pennance

move on

and resolve to do better


If you lose the paper with your sins, you could be open to blackmail :eek: :wink:

Just remember the mortal sins and approximate number of times & make a confession with desire to change.:thumbsup:


But one thing you may want to pursue is a good examination of conscience rather than the “list” format.
One of the pitfalls of the list format is that one comes to view confession as not reconciliation with God so much, but more of a laundry list to “make sure God isn’t mad at me anymore”.

Confession is much more than that that. It’s about repairing a ruptured relationship.
Think about that some more, and you’ll find that the sins you really need to confess (possible mortal ones) and the irksome venial ones will be clarified through your conversation with the priest, and in the long run, will be much easier to avoid. So you don’t have to same the same thing over and over again, without meaningful progress.

It’s refreshing to see someone so young so concerned about making a good confession.
God bless.


When I was becoming accustomed to going to confession more regularly I did keep a list because I frequently got nervous and forgot absolutely everything, so the list was helpful as a prompt. Now with a good examination of conscience I know what is weighing on my heart most and that is what I bring up in confession. Not surprisingly, these are the sins that are most likely to constitute grave matter. If I do forget something that was rather important, I just bring it up next time.

When I start wondering, “Did I really mean to avoid it, was that more serious than I thought,” I know those thoughts are not from God. If it’s too hard to figure out on your own, it’s best to bring in a regular confessor and/or spiritual director who can help you untangle these things, and possibly psychological help as well so you can learn to know your own mind.

God loves you and wants you to be reconciled to Him. He is not playing tricks on you. That’s somebody else’s job.

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