Lying to Avoid Gossiping


Here’s a tricky situation: So the shopkeepers at store I visit offered me a job, which I politely declined (albeit, very nervously/awkwardly because I have a GREAT fear of saying no) because I already have a job that I really enjoy at a local supermarket. The store keeper said to tell my mom about the offer, and out of fear I said alright. Because I said alright I had to carry through or else I would have told a lie, so I told my parents about the offer which I declined. However, I didn’t mention to my parents that the shopkeeper had criticized the supermarket I work at in the past.

I don’t think I ever explicitly lied here. The more I read this, the less it seems I lied. I’m so confused! Did I conceal information (isn’t that the same as lying?) by choosing to not tell my parents that the shopkeeper criticized the supermarket I work at? I did so as to avoid gossiping.


To lie is to speak falsehood with an intent to deceive others. You had no onligation to mention the criticism of your employer.


Dial back the self questioning, you are a good man and are doing the right things, don’t put yourself in such stressful positions of your own making…ie chill out!

Blessings to you!


No, you didn’t lie. I don’t even think that you had any obligation to relay the job offer to your parents. What was the shopkeeper’s purpose with that? Was he trying to win favor from your parents?

Congratulations that you seem to have employers interested in you.



Thanks for the replies! I did receive the Eucharist today as I am pretty sure I am in a state of Grace.

The only other issue I ran into was a session of drawn out impure/lustful thoughts during Mass, but I did not want them and I actively fought against them. I figured that I did not consent to the thoughts, so I received anyway.


One should not lie.

One must choose only good means to avoid other sins.


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