Lying to God, mortal or venial?


Hi, everyone. I’m going to keep this short, the other day I did something that I suspected to be mortal sin, I started to freak out and moments later
I approached God in prayer. I told him that I “didn’t mean to commit that sin.” I lied, I was trying to lessen my sin like the hypocrite I am so I wouldn’t freak out. I knew what I was saying was false but I wasn’t actually trying to deceive him into actually thinking something false. I knew if I was saying something false then well, He’d know the second I tell it. Would this be mortal or venial? I’m afraid that I will end up with the same fate as Ananias and Sapphira like in Acts 5. Would this be considered mortal or venial? Or is this the unforgivable sin?



God knows you lied when you did.

Just confess it.


I desperately want to but I can’t really. my parents won’t let me go to confession. I don’t mean to speak bad about them, but my parents don’t let me go to confession because my parents don’t believe in confession one parent is an Atheist and the other is Catholic but doesn’t believe in confession (please don’t judge my parents.) The parent that is Catholic says that I can just ask for forgiveness from God, He’ll forgive me, He’s merciful and powerful. It’s not that I don’t believe that it’s just that I know that God even says “confess to one another” or something like that. The last time I went to confession was in May and that’s because I was agonizing over a sin I did and we went after we went to Target. I cannot drive myself, I am underage therefore, I rely on my parents to drive me places I need/want to go. I asked like two months later and they said asked all these questions like “What did you do?” I’m not very comfortable saying what I did to them (it helps that I’m anonymous here) The only time I can go to confession is when it’s around Christmas or Easter because they make everyone who is Catholic go to church to confess their sins the priests there. That’s a long time from now if you think about it. It doesn’t help either that I’m going to on a field trip to a shrine of a saint and I’ll need to go to church (not attend mass) but I need to approach the alter. I talked to some other people and they said that I could ask my religion teacher at school to let me go to confession, I’m worried that she will think bad of me for saying that I “need” to go to confession or even worse contact my parents and ask me what did I do and say that your daughter needs to go to confession in an email. I think my parents will yell at me if they find out, and say “Oh, boy. She’s bringing this to school now” and think I’m over religious (I’m not saying that’s a bad thing…) I’ve asked Jesus to forgive me for what I did, but I feel unforgiven. I’m worried before I confess I’ll die and go to hell. I know you can’t really do anything about it but your advice would help. -Natalie


How old are you? Do you have any good friends of driving age? (Just an idea) Also, how far do you live from the nearest Church? Is biking/bussing an option?


I’m 13. I have one friend who is 15, but I don’t have contact with her. My parents do tho, she can’t drive either. I live 5 minutes from my church (which is basically connected to my school) by car. My parents don’t let me go out alone (I understand why, there could be kidnappers)


If Christmas is the soonest you can go to confession then that’s going to have to do.
God knows your heart and should something happen, which I pray will not happen and doubt that it will, then you will be fine.

Don’t worry, worry doesn’t help, trust in God he loves you greatly I’m sure.

St Pio famously said “pray, hope and don’t worry.” :slightly_smiling_face:


I see… that is tough. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what else to suggest unless your school has a priest that visits. In that case you could talk to him (just bypass the other school staff) and explain the situation and try to set up times for confession. Otherwise, it is completely beyond your control, and you are not culpable for delaying.


We cannot advise you to disobey your parents. You are a minor under their care and authority. Make a act of perfect contrition and confess it at Christmas.


I would first advise OP to be absolutely sure that she CAN’T get to confession before considering this.

If it’s a matter of “can get to confession but don’t want to because if embarrassment” then I’d recommend going. I’d personally also recommend not receiving communion either way until you can confess.

As a convert I’ve had to look at myself critically a lot of times and ask things like “am I not going to mass because I can’t or because I don’t want to due to being around family/others who would disapprove.” It’s always been the later when I really think about it.


Given the nature of her posts I don’t think she is capable of making a perfect act of contrition. Not many people are.

OP you are a minor and under the care and control of your parents. God knows your limitations and is understanding of them. He does not ask the impossible of anyone. If you get an opportunity to go to confession through school, then go. If not wait until the penance service in Advent.


The OP is 13 and dependent on his or her parents. The parents have said no.

Conduct rule #11:

Do not offer or solicit medical, psychiatric, psychological, or legal advice. Do not give advice that is contrary to civil law. Do not give advice to a minor that opposes the instruction of a parent or legal guardian. All such discussions should be directed to the proper authorities: parents, guardians, therapists, parish priests, or primary care providers.


What makes you say so? (Referring to the bold)


I think they’re right, most of the time I get worried about Hell. Actually a lot of the times, I don’t want to do mortal sin becuause I know I will go to hell if I do. If I do die before I go to confession at least I know that I have earned my place there.


What do you mean by this? Going by some of your other posts, it is likely there is a bit of scrupulosity at play.

The lying situation IMO is probably not a mortal sin, but I can’t say definitively.


I also think aside from the matter of confession, it would be highly beneficial for you to be able to consult with a priest for spiritual direction on some of these issues. Constant worry about sin and hell is not healthy for your soul or your relationship with God.


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