Lying to Walmart

Hey, sorry I’m advance for simply being another “did i sin” post but i want to know what the ethics of this are for now and the future. Thanks, so I was at Walmart yesterday buying some strawberries and the cashier couldn’t find the item tag in the system. So he decided to enter the price in manually and just said “how about 1.25$”. I went and checked and came back and told him they were 4.84$. He didn’t change them. So at the end i asked if he could take the strawberries off of the checkout list nd have them back to him (as in not buying them) but he couldn’t figure out how to take them off. He called a superior and she couldn’t figure it out either and couldn’t find a way to change the price to be accurate either. The woman behind me said she would pay me to just take them for that price and proceed. I decided to just not take them for the price since i thought it would be stealing. I paid the 1.25$ and gave them the strawberries then left. I later realized that, since the receipt says i paid for those specific strawberries (and i technically did), i basically told Walmart that i bought those strawberries and it might affect their sales record in a dishonest way. Was this lying to Walmart. I really thought i was doing the right thing but it seems like i was actually lying and should have just kept waiting for them to figure out how to register it. Thanks for reading. GOD bless.


Please speak to a knowledgeable priest about scrupulosity. The cashier was in error. You would of been fine taking the strawberries because of the legal issues surrounding a “shelf-edge pricing” store vs a “tag” store. For instance, Hobby Lobby is a tag store. They don’t scan their items so every item must be tagged with a price. Stores that scan are dependant on their computers and their computers MUST be accurate or they are to honor the lowest price.

The fault in this situation really lies in the manager who tried to rectify the situation after the fact.


If there is any sin here, which I doubt there is, it would be venial at most. I don’t think this counts as lying to Walmart. You attempted to get it sorted out. You’re fine, no need to worry. :slight_smile:


Thank y’all for the information and opinions. GOD bless

I find it sad that the manager could not calculate the difference and rin up the extra charge.
You are not at fault.


Wow, you must’ve really been working yourself up into a lather if strangers are offering to pay you to move it along.

Yeah, you need to address your scrupulosity. This is scrupulosity on steroids.


I use to have the same kind of reasoning that you are showing on your post. The only way to really help it would be to get a spiritual director who is competent in dealing with scrupulosity. I recommend you do so and refrain from “is this a sin” questions on here. You could get advice that will hurt you further. No, that was not a sin. Not Mortal for sure and I doubt it is even venial. If you would like to know how I got a spiritual director who helped me get over my scrupulosity private message me. God bless.

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You should have taken the strawberries at the $1.25 price. Why second guess an employee who has used allowable discretion to arrive at a price?

On the other hand, if you notice in the future that you have been undercharged on a receipt, it is good form to mention it to customer service.


The Walmart near my home just went out of business because of unscrupulous practices like this. People kept paying for things they didn’t really buy. Finally, the store had so much money and so much in stock, the entire system broke down. The owner took the excess money and the company’s private jet and just disappeared. With no leader there to keep order, the store descended into utter madness and came to resemble a post apocalyptic nightmare of human misery and despair. But I hear a new Target is opening next month. I can’t wait!


I’ve had cashiers not charge me for something. I had no thought that what I was doing was stealing. I assumed they have some discretion. I also assumed it was a fair reward for being a regular customer. My wife gets free stuff from the grocery store all the time as they run free giveaway promotions. None of this is the same as the cashier forgetting to charge for an item.

You are focusing way too much on the idea that the printed price is somehow sacrosanct. I think some scrupulousity underlies that.

Actually, you wasted food. Because of health regulations those berries had to be thrown in the trash.

As is advised, get some professional help.

As long as they were unopened they can go back on the shelf. Most likely the cashier gave them to the person behind them.

I was informed that Walmart has some pretty unusual customers. The stores that somebody filmed and interviewed were in different places, but I thought it was funny.

Thanks for the advice and comfort. Just a quick question: how is one to tell when one is being too scrupulous? I understand that scrupulously is wrong if you doubt GOD’s forgiveness, however i don’t know how to tell when worrying about ‘little’ sins is scrupulously because i think sins are still very bad. Thanks for the replies and GOD bless

Wow you are like, super scrupulous dude.

Do you agonize over stepping on ants or blades of grass?

Walmart is a multibillion dollar multinational global conglomerate. Trust me, they’ll manage to survive with $3.00 less from the strawberries they sold you.

Honestly, and this is just me personally, if for some reason Walmart gave me $10,000 instead of $10 on a return, I’d happily walk out and not blink an eye. I’d probably donate $9,900 of it to the Church and the homeless, but I wouldn’t lose any sleep over Walmart taking a loss.

Is this a hypothetical situation you’re writing about, or did it this actually happen to you at a Walmart? And if it did actually happen, for how long did you hold up the line while you went back to check what the actual price of the strawberries were and then tried with the cashier and then with his superior to resolve this price discrepancy?

Finding the strawberries took 30s at most and the whole affair was probably 6 minutes

I didn’t take money from Walmart. That was not the issue: it was that i paid for something i didn’t not take.

Last weekend I made a purchase at a self-checkout at Lowe’s. I scanned two items. Both items beeped. I swiped my card to pay, got my receipt and walked. On the way out of the store I looked at the receipt because it seemed like I didn’t pay enough.

Sure enough, one of the items wasn’t rung up. I know I heard the beep, I put the item in the bagging area and the robot voice didn’t tell me to remove the last item from the bagging area and scan it.

I felt a little bit like I cheated Lowe’s, but realistically, I’m not responsible for their system. I got home, told my wife, and said, “You know, I’m not driving back there to tell them about this.” And forgot all about it until now, thank you very much. :angry::pensive::grimacing::grinning:

The original poster may be scrupulous, that I cannot know. You, on the other hand, realistically did cheat Lowe’s. You certainly could have been arrested for shoplifting. To protect yourself from this alone should have been enough to make you turn back.

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