As a convert from the Baptist denomination (lots of people love his stuff), this guy really breaks my heart.

His writings are something for all Catholics to avoid. :stuck_out_tongue:

The bright side to MacArthur’s misleading descriptions of Catholicism is that there exist a number of rebuttals which use source material that exposes MacArthur’s errors. Such as:

John MacArthur errs on Catholicism & the Word
Correcting John MacArthur on Catholicism and works
Sacrawhat? Misconceptions about Sacraments
Veneration of icons and graven images
Pastor John F. MacArthur’s Ignorant Misrepresentation of Catholic Teaching


Speaking as a former devout Catholic, there are a lot of Catholics who don’t agree with ECT too, because they feel it compromises Catholicism. As far as MacArthur goes, I’ve listened to him for years, & even had the privilege & honor to meet him, who - in person is a very, very humble & friendly man - I understand “why” Catholics don’t like him. But, in terms of Biblical exposition & knowledge of Church history, including the beliefs of ALL the ECF’s, I haven’t heard anyone - Protestant, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, etc - that is more knowledgeable & consistent in Christian theology. The MacArthur Study Bible is an invaluable tool. So, even if you don’t necessarily agree with everything he teaches, the benefit of having it, is if you adamantly disagree with his exegesis of Scripture, his footnotes (over 20,000) are backed up by directing you to cross-reference other Scriptures - in context - to back up what he writes & teaches.

:thumbsup: to John MacArthur. :slight_smile:

A wise man once told me that one should never describe themselves as “devout” because that is a description someone else gives you,* not you to yourself*.
It’s like saying you are a “great lover”. There’s only one other person who knows that for sure.

Which makes him an expert on “Scripture Alone”, not Scripture.

While I appreciate John Macarthurs teaching, he allows his disdain of the RCC to sway his interpretation of scripture. I cannot think of the passages now, but there are a few times I have been reading his study Bible or commentary where a passage supports a RC teaching and the notes say “it doesn’t mean what it says” and I think, yes it does. It’s the reason I don’t read his work that frequently anymore.

stop listening to him, he is totally off base. Read Karl Keating’s book about Fundamentalists which answers his thinking and debunks his junk.

John MacArthur is a bigot and a false teacher. Lots of people can quote the Bible back and forth but that doesn’t mean they have correct theology. John uses the Bible to fit his wrongly based theology. He read and quotes what he wants to you believe and sweeps in the gullible.

Yes, he quotes and uses the Bible to support his ideas and when the Bible doesn’t, he makes up excuses like what you have noted. He is a false teacher.

If he can’t get John 6 right on the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist - and in doing so he disagrees with apostolic faith for 2,000 years, then I don’t want anything to do with him.

Such is the outcome of the error of Sola Scriptura. In the case above, he is a solo scripturist, conforming his denomination to his own personal views. :eek:

Actually, it was John MacArthur who set me on the final phase of the road to conversion to the Catholic faith. I used to be a regular listener to him, and in one of his radio broadcasts he played a message that he gave to young ministers, in which he described a particular method of Bible reading (specifically, the New Testament) that he had used when he was a young minister. I wasn’t a “young minister,” but I set myself to read the NT in that way, and it was during that course of reading that I discovered that in order for the bible to be an inerrant guide to Christian life, there had to be an infallible interpreter. The rest, as they say is history.

Later on I wrote him a letter thanking him for setting me on the road to Catholicism ( :smiley: ), and someone on his staff (I doubt that it was him personally) sent me a two-CD set on the “heresy of the Catholic Mass.”

That’s only because you haven’t read John Chrysostom, Ambrose, Augustine, Irenaeus or Ignatius :wink:

I’ve glanced at th MacArthur study bible-it doesn’t seem anywhere near as thorough as the Catholic study bible I was given in RCIA or other study bibles I have seen.

A man of humility? Sure doesn’t come across that way based on stuff I’ve read and on videos I’ve seen. With his snide remark “is the pope catholic?” in response to the question of whether JP2 was in heaven or hell…too much. I wonder what his feelings about the Coptic martyrs are. Seems like a “my way or the highway” type to me.

I have only met people that left the catholic church because they had a moral issue they couldn’t follow which one was your challange? Are you remarried or was contraception a stumbling block?

Do you recall the name / publisher of that Bible?


“The Catholic Study Bible” Oxford University Press.

I wouldn’t really think of it as a Catholic equivalent of the MacArthur bible. There is a reading guide for each book. Lots of historical background, linguistic explanations, maps, etc. Unbiased-not much in the way of opinions or apologetics for specific doctrines.

Whenever I have seen the Church Fathers referred to by Protestant Evangelical believers it is always in short segments out of context, or using the argument of silence - this being the method used by The Pilgrim Church by E H Broadbent.

The Catholic Church uses the unanimous consent of the Fathers.

As talented as you may think a Individual teacher is, you are putting your faith in a fallible human being. I would rather trust the teaching of the Church that Jesus founded and promised to preserve truth in.

Well, if that’s true, then it would a benefit to get his study Bible & compare his study notes, which include cross-references to other related passages to the particular text he is commenting on. I think that would a good test for your opinion on him. :slight_smile:

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