Macfarlane saga

Does anyone know the current status of Bud and Bai Macfarlane Jr. and their kids after the divrice? Given the big reach of their apostolate, I thought things were left very unexplained and unjustified. Not being judgmental, just trying to understand.

Apparently she is active on Social Media

It seems Mr Macfarlane has stepped off the public stage.

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I actually corresponded with Bud a longtime before that happened and he seemed like a nicer guy; It was sad to see that happen. I suspect there were disagreements we’ll never know about which will probably cost him a lot of image, simply since he won’t open up.

Thanks for the social media links - looks like she’s doing good work. Are they still running the Mary Foundation?

No clue, I simply googled her.

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Bud MacFarlane

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