Maclean's Feature on Growing Dominance of Islam in the West


Macleans, a Canadian newsweekly has a cover story this week on the fact that Islam is slowly taking over the world. It was very impressive because it stuck to simple demography as the basis for this line of thought. The writer basically said that it is a matter of time before the West is under the influence of Islam. He cites the fact that the West is pretty much “barren and aging” while Muslims are fruitful and young. The statistics are pretty eye-opening. He spoke of the fact that radical Muslims in the West take advantage of the West’s tolerance to skew things to their liking. The article mentioned how a patron saint in a city in Spain was changed to one who was less offensive to Muslims. He mentioned how in Denmark I believe there is a call by clerics to force all women professors regardless of religion to wear headcoverings. He talks about how the west is living in a post-Christian era and that things have gotten bad since this happened. I imagine the magazine is going to get lots of criticism for having such a cover story which some may say is fear-mongering about the take-over of Islam and is not being very “tolerant”. I for one am surprised they printed it but am glad they did. Did anyone else see it? If so, what are your thoughts?


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