MADA: Dan Savage Bullies Middle & High School Christians

MADA: Dan Savage Bullies Middle & High School Christians

Dan Savage is one of the most influential activists bent on redefining marriage. Millions of Americans have seen his TV show on MTV or read his syndicated column. President Obama and his wife Michelle, along with hundreds of celebrities and sports stars have participated in Savage’s “It Gets Better” anti-bullying project.

But there’s another side to Dan Savage that most haven’t seen: the  bully. This April, when speaking to a group of high school students in  Seattle, Savage launched into a tirade against Christians and what he  termed the “bull****”  in the bible.” He went on to call students who  attempted to leave his presentation “pansy-a**es”. Savage has a long  history of obscene anti-Christian comments, and yet he continues to be  celebrated as the face of the gay marriage movement. 

Brian Brown is the President of the National Organization for  Marriage, the leading organization dedicated to protecting marriage as  the union of one man and one woman. When Brown heard about what Savage  had said about Christians and the bible, and what he had said to high  school students who were offended by what he did, Brown issues a  challenge to Savage to have a face-to-face debate about what the bible  really says about gay marriage, which Savage accepted. 

On Wednesday August 15th Brian Brown went to Dan Savage’s house in  Seattle for dinner and a discussion moderated by New York Times reporter  Mark Oppenheimer.

We will post the video of what happened that night soon, so please stay tuned.

Dan Savage is a thug. I’ve seen some videos of him.

But he seems to be a hero to the Gay agenda

Am waiting for the results of said debate to come out.

I concur that Savage appears to be a thug. Reading up on him a bit, it’s obvious that he has no wish to conduct his arguments professionally - always feeling the need to cuss someone out if they disagree with him.

I don’t care how popular you are, no matter what group, culture, or ethnicity you vouch for, you do your job professionally if you want to show yourself as an outstanding person. Being professional generally includes being selective of your word choices. Judging from his record, he’s taken back more than one statement he’s made in his life.

The debate

I don’t think that Dan Savage could be described as anti Christian. He was baptized and raised catholic, and still very proudly identifies as such.

May outspoken atheists were Catholic too.

Let us stick with the point though.

Maybe there is some sort of reason for this? Maybe Catholic guilt is a little too much for some.

That is the point though. He is not anti Christian. He ripped in to one belief that some groups of Christians have. He himself is a proud catholic. Yes, he was out of line in the way he addressed minors in a public school. But he is hardly anti Christian.

Theres no such thing as being half a Catholic. Being Catholic means you accept all of the Church’s teahing and are obedient to them, regardless if one personally agrees with them or not.

Actually, according to Catholicism being catholic means that you were baptized catholic. And no matter what you will always be catholic.

And let’s not forget that this site runs very conservative and strict. Most self-identified catholics IRL engage in premarital sex or live together, or are pro choice, or pro gay marriage, or use birth control, etc.

Not true. You can publicly renounce your Catholicism. A practicing Catholic is trying to live to the standards of the Catholic proposition. If you reject the proposition, you really cannot be Catholic.

Is your point we should lower the bar even further?

What are your thoughts on the debate? Did you watch? or are you just trolling?

Bully for him:p

I did watch it.

And you can’t renounce your Catholicism. According to Catholicism baptism leaves a permanent mark on your soul, and that no matter what you say or do you will always be catholic. (That’s also why anyone baptized catholic is held to the marriage laws, no matter how far away from the church they fall.)

That’s like saying you play football

Which is this

when you play

Anyone can renounce their religion or their baptism. In OUR understanding, however, once you’re baptized then you are always baptized. (But do you (BEL) believe there is an ontological change to a persons soul?) So in OUR understanding you couldn’t renounce your baptism in the sense that you can’t undo it.

But like the football pictures above, unless you are playing by the rules then you are playing an entirely different ball game (with a wobbly ball:p).

No, because I don’t believe in a soul. But catholics do believe that once you are baptized catholic you are forever catholic. And considering he was not only baptized but still identifies as a catholic the discourse should not revolve around how anti Christian he is. But rather, why is a Christian, or more specifically a catholic saying these things, publicly going against teachings, and what, if anything should be done about it. But accusing him of being anti Christian really doesn’t work.

Publically speaking out AGAINST anything means you are ANTI whatever it is youre speaking about.

Im sure trying to identify himself as a Catholic while misrepresenting what the Church is about is asking for excommunication (where the Church says that this individual does not speak for us or represents us).

Not a sports fan eh?:wink:

Well he’s behaving like a few baptist preachers I’ve seen online so maybe you’re right;)

OK - if your point is: why is a person identifying as Catholic going against Church teaching in such a public manner?

I’d say, it’s because he wants to justify his lifestyle choices, more than he wants to follow his religion.

But doing that in such a public manner makes him apostate.

What he’s doing is trying to gather followers for his cause.

Fine - but don’t pretend to be a Catholic.

Sorry, but anyone who says the Bible is full of bull**** and calls Christians pansy-a**es is definitely anti-Christian. Since Jesus is the Word of God incarnate and the Bible is an enormous part of the revealed Word of God, then to make such a statement is decidedly anti-Christian.
I saw videos and read transcripts of this speech last spring and couldn’t believe the sexual content that was communicated in front of the middle and high school students either. This man may be a hero to some but his behavior seems immature and unprofessional in my opinion.
He can call himself a Catholic all he wants. In the end only God’s opinion of Mr. Savage’s faith is what counts.

Pray for the salvation of all souls.

He’s just a bully and a jerk. No surprises there.

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