madagascar 3

Took my 4 year old to the opening of this movie.
It was okay but there is a scene that is Anti-Catholic.
While in Rome with a circus a couple characters visit the Vatican. There is a quick view of St Peters and the Sistine Chapel. Followed by them kissing a large gold ring of an unseen Pope.
Apparently the steal the Popes ring to by a motorcycle
It happens really quickly but was unnecessary.
Maybe I’m overly sensitive but Hollywood is not our Friend

no you are not overly sensitive,

young children wont be able to pick up on it as fast as adults because it was a lil stab aimed at adult catholics.

just another way someone thinks something is cute or intentionally took aim in this form.

Theft from the Pope in a cartoon, as if society hasnt stolen enough from us as it is already now it has to start with cartoons in movies. It is in a way like cursing in major movies, the language isn’t needed to enhance a story. It is due to poor creativity that writters / directors/producers have to include harsh language in a movie because they too have been dumbed down and cant figure any other way to express emotion or rage other than cursing. Same for this part in the cartoon, the movie would have been just as good with out that scene, so then one has to ask why did they choose to put it in there ? Were they just lazy and went for the obvious, hey the characters are in Rome, the Vatican is in Rome, and oh ya the Pope is in the Vatican, lets run with that for a short scene… or did someone decide to take a little stab ? or a mix of both i wonder ?

But there are good movies out there for Catholics some better than others

This by far is my Favorite movie ( and is about Jesuits ! ) Starring Robert De Niro

The Mission,

I forget how it came up at Mass, but the Monsignor years back recommended it and I was like yeah right, but then he popped in Robert De Niros name an im like hmmm.

Turned out to be a very powerful movie.

The Passion believe it or not I have not seen perhaps because I have imagined the torment of it so much in my head i really do not need help from hollywood.

The movies Evan Almighty was actually better to me than Bruce Almighty but both were good,

and it was a spin off in part due to this one with George Burns

" Oh God You Devil ! "

Who exactly is it that steals the ring? I think that makes a difference. If it is one of the main protagonists, then I can see why it could be interpreted as anti-Catholic. If it one of the antagonists and/or a character we know is doing something wrong, then I wouldn’t necessarily interpret it as anti-Catholic.

“King” Julian steals it, who is consistently shown as an incorrigible narcissist and comically despicable character. As an example there is another moment where it appears Julian has been killed and his servant (?) appears to be pleasurably stunned by his death.

That second part bothered me more than when he stole the papal ring. Stealing the ring was just another example of Julian’s “love to hate him” character than a diss on the pope.

That’s how I took it anyways, and I rate myself “easily offended” when it comes to Hollywood portrayals of catholicism.

Yeah, I have yet to see the movie, but if it was Julian, it’s not even close to Anti-Catholic
Watch the first two movies, then you’ll understand Julian.

My seven year-old saw it with her dad. She doesn’t even remember the scene. Maybe that’s a good sign. :shrug:

The review of the film for the Catholic News Service had no problem with the scene:

Well at least it’s completely in character for Julian to do something despicable like that.

I got the sense from the scene and Julian’s character, that as much as he might respect and perhaps even love the pope, he just couldn’t resist stealing his ring because that’s just how he is–compulsively selfish and clueless about others. It’s played for comedy, not as an affront to the pope or the Church, but to show, once again, that not even romantic love or faith can change a person who thinks he is above everyone else’s rules of behavior. Kind of reminds me of Toad in “The Wind in the Willows” except even Toad would draw the line at stealing the papal ring. :smiley:

He’s a bit of a trickster character, I agree.

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