Made it Back

Hi All

Thanks for thoughts and prayers. I made confession today and am on the way back to the church with my family. Had a grand talk while I was at it.

Thanks Again


That’s wonderful news. I’m praying for you.

Great to hear!! Thanks for updating us.

Welcome (back) Home! We missed you. :grouphug:

Glad you are well.

Welcome back. :slight_smile:

Congrats and welcome back. We have very similar back stories, even with our Blessed Mother. The biggest difference was my wife was LDS, so as you can image she was not happy when I came home. In fact we are now divorced because of it. When I made my Statement of Faith, my Priest told me that I didn’t even have to submit to remove my name from their records, because the Catholic Church doesn’t recognize them as a Christian faith. I did it anyway for closure.

Welcome Home! :wink:


Wecome (back) !

Welcome Home - Joe K.

As the priest said to me at the end of hearing my confession after 30 years outside the Church, “all the angels and saints in heaven are rejoicing!” That really took me back!

Welcome home.


I notice you still have LDS on your religion. Are you going to change that?

So glad you are back home. Bless you always.

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