Madeleine McCann

Since the abduction of little Madeleine McCann in Portugal over two months ago, I have been praying for her safety and return to her family. I know of God,s permitting Will, but wonder how others feel on this point. I have posed this question on other sites, but no one has come up with an answer. If God could speak to these parents, what would he say? How do you council these people to not give up hope of ever finding their daughter again? What is the best way to pray for Madeleine? Can you imagine the thoughts which are going through this poor little child?
I have looked for a thread on this topic and couldnt find one, so please forgive me if I have missed it and these questions have already been answered.

I shall join you in prayer for safe return of Madeleine the best way to pray is with faith and without doubts in Jesus name Amen

The best way is to simply pray along with Jesus that the Father’s will be done - His way always ends up being the best way in the long run.

And I’m sure if He could speak to them He’d tell them of the good that is already coming out of what has happened - all the parents right around the world who have been inspired to be more careful of their children and treasure every moment with them and so on.

But certainly there’s no harm in praying for her safety. God Our Father never resents us for asking for things, just as parents never dislike being asked to give gifts, even though they may not intend to give what is asked for.

I only know that God sometimes does things that we do not see the good in, but which over the course of time, much good comes from His Will. I will pray for them and that He shows them the true meaning of what has happened

I saw the thread title and the first thought that came into my mind was she was found and this thread was a prayer of thanksgiving.

I can’t tell you how I felt when I realized that was not the case.

My heart breaks thinking about this situation and any like it.

Lord, hear our Prayers

Thank you to those of you who are replying to the Madeleine thread, you are helping me to understand “Trust” a little better. Today,s reading of Scripture is about Joseph in Egypt and how his family came to be saved, BECAUSE of his abduction earlier on in life. He had tremendous suffering to endure, but many were saved both physically from starvation and spiritually by repentance for wrongdoing. In the light of this Gospel reading, I am taken a step further in understanding how God,s Permitting Will is working.
Pondering Maddy,s abduction further, I pray that the terrible plight of those children who have been taken from families, or sold by families into prostitution, maybe brought to light by the media in this case. I pray also that the parents of Maddy, be strengthened in their search for their daughter and eventually that the evil which accompanies this and other cases, may come to light as we also pray for the abductors to be enlightened as to their heinous crime. May their Guardian Angels enlighten them as to the wickedness involved in their actions, and may the Guardian Angels of all the children involved, enfold them in their protective embrace.


Maddy is kept in prayer…Blessings with Peace - Barb
PS Perhaps a read of the Book of Job may help too

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