Madonna getting a messge from the Real Madonna?

As you may or may not know, the singer Madonna is scheduled to perform one of her raunchy concerts on August 15 in Poland, which many are taking as a direct slap in the face to the Catholic Religion, August 15 being the Feast of the Blessed Assumption.

Well, it seems Madonna has had many problems on this tour. In France her concert had to be cancelled when the stage collapsed and killed a worker. Now she has just had another concert cancelled because of poor ticket sales in Slovenia.

I hope and pray for her sake that she gets the message. I fear for her soul.


I wonder why she named her daughter Lourdes.

While I do think that Madonna is tasteless…I’m not sure there is a correlation between her actions and the unfortunate accident.

i hope the True Madonna is watching over the false madonna and will guide her to Jesus Christ!

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


You may not think there is a connection, but many do, including Lech Walesa, the Solidarity founder in Poland who worked with JPII to bring about independence there.

Mr. Walesa said Madonna performing on August 15 in Poland is a “Satanic provocation.” To quote further from the article:

Prayers are being said in the centre of Warsaw every afternoon, calling on God to stop the singer in her tracks; open-air masses are planned to mobilise support; priests will thunder from pulpits this Sunday. The 70,000 fans are to have a solid phalanx of loudly praying Catholics pitted against them when she takes to the stage.

“This is an attack by the devil on our immaculate Catholic nation, “said Father Stanislaw Malkowski, one of the protest leaders. “This concert is a profanity and blasphemous.”

Some protestors even believe that the collapse of the stage on the French leg of the tour last month — killing two technicians including a British man and injuring eight — was an omen, a sign of divine displeasure.

Whatever the truth is here, we truly need to pray for this, to put it politely, misguided woman.


MercyMia, you said: “While I do think that Madonna is tasteless…I’m not sure there is a correlation between her actions and the unfortunate accident.”

I hope you are right, but I have my suspicions. You know the images on her albums are not accidental.

I looked at a photo of the back cover of Madonna’s Hard Candy CD and there you see her in the corner of a boxing ring, wearing boxing gloves and black leotard style outfit with knee high lace up boots and animal print shorts. She wears a silver cross. The position she takes looks similar to the miraculous medal cross and M, where the M is formed from her legs, echoed by the M on her golden boxing champ belt, and the cross is her torso and arms, but also echoed by the silver cross between her cleavage, and she stares intently and presents her crotch.

If she is the boxing champ, then who is her opponent. Could it be The Blessed Virgin Mary?

I have to recommend that people do not buy her works that contain these kinds of images or similar natured content, because it would be a bad example to others.

Why would anyone in a Catholic country like Poland want to go to one of her shows anyway? :confused:

Maria65, you asked: "Why would anyone in a Catholic country like Poland want to go to one of her shows “anyway?”

Good question, I read that Poland is 90% Catholic, about 70% believe in heaven.

A fan site had this statistic (unsure of the accuracy) for Aug 15, 2009 Madonna show in Warsaw, Poland: $6,526,867 - 1 show - 79,343 attendance

I think tickets go for 250 euros, and the population of Poland is about 38,500,696. Of course that is only two tenths of a percent of the total population, assuming everybody was Polish, which would not be true, and those tickets are really expensive.

So, the causes for attending could be: she is famous or infamous or she is a role model of a successful woman, and you like her music (not all have been libertine), or you are being sinful. Perhaps some even believe in her message (yikes!) of “express yourself, don’t repress youself”.

Oh, I agree Madonna’s imagery is just blasphemous. Our Blessed Mother is not meant to be a fleeting fashion statement to be used and abused. I wasn’t trying to downplay the disgust I have for her. Where I was coming from was this…Maybe if it had been Madonna (the singer) herself that had been struck down I would say it was a sign from the Real Madonna. BUT since it was stage workers who, while working on a very immoral concert, didn’t offend the Blessed Mother to the degree that Madonna has. I guess what I’m saying is, they were probably just doing their job, trying to make a living and they weren’t part of the creative team that concocted the horrible imagery (not justifying the work they were doing, but just putting it into perspective).

MercyMia, I see what you mean, it’s hard to be sure of a corelation. Those two that died and the 30 that were injured in Marseille, were setting up the stage, so I suppose the accident was not because they were materially supporting any evil, but because they did not follow safety procedures, or so other error occurred, when the cranes lifted the stage roof structure. One thing is for sure, Madonna asked people to pray in Italy, for those that died and their families. And she asked that people appreciate that they have life.

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