Madonna House.

Does anyone know anything about the Madonna House. I know it’s a lay apostolate founded by Catharine Doherty that works with the poor, while assisting the lay volunteers with vocation discernment and spiritual direction. I checked out their website and they seem like they are faithful and orthodox. A friend recommended I spend a week there but I want to make sure it will be worth my time.

Go! Madonna House is a great experience I spent a significant amount of time there and cherish every day I spent there as a working guest. It’s a beautiful holy community in a beautiful part of Ontario. May Our Lady of Combermere bless you.

Just realize that Madonna House and its foundress were very left leaning Catholics. Catherine herself was a big “social justice” proponent and fond of novelty. She was Vatican 2 before Vatican 2. It will be hard to find any objective articles and analysis of Doherty’s work because of the love affair that the Catholic left has with people such as Doherty and Dorothy Day.

I don’t doubt that the Madonna House community are holy people; I have spent some time there myself many years ago and can attest to that. It’s some of Catherine Doherty’s writings, associations and obsession with all things Russian that I find problematic. However, that said MH might be your cup of tea. I’d so as much research as possible before going. Good luck to you!

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