Of whom am I writing? The Woman whose Name a certain pop singer has made a secular icon. Now that that singer will be in the news more than ever, I ask everyone who reads this to make a mental prayer to the original Madonna and/or to Her Son, each time they hear her name, perhaps in reparation for the way Our Madonna’s name has been abused. I further request that we ask our priests to use the Name “Madonna” as often as possible when referring to the Blessed Virgin. Her beautiful Name should not be ignored or forgotten because of the way it has been demeaned by its association with another woman who, though still beloved by God and by Our Lady, has made it a symbol of the opposite of all that Our Madonna represents.

I understand your regard for your virgin, but is there a need to diss Madonna to praise your blessed Madonna? Are you saying that it’s wrong for her to have chosen that as her name? Then what about all the people who are called “Mary” – is that wrong too? Or what about all the Spanish folks who are called “Jesus” – is that wrong too?

And FYI, “Madonna” means “my Lady” – it’s use as a phrase predates it’s coming to commonly used for your virgin.

It’s common religious use dates only to “medieval times” – so you can’t say that Madonna has caused you to lose something that was originally yours. And besides, do you even know why Madonna chooses to be called Madonna? It wasn’t to have your virgin stop being called Madonna! – Surely you can see that.

Just call your virgin, Madonna. When I hear the occasional person speak of your virgin as Madonna they seem to say “the Madonna” anyway – so your complaining about Madonna doesn’t seem right, unless you’re talking about other languages or unless I’m just mistaken.

I have not done any research into Madonna’s name, but I assume that it was given to her at birth. I have heard that she was raised Catholic and that therefore she would have been named after Mary. I do not have any negative feelings about those who are named Madonna, Mary, or Jesus. It is that the person of Madonna, the singer, has become synonymous with the singer and that she has deliberately done many things that are shocking solely for the shock value. The fact that her name is unique in show business (most girls who have the name use the shorter version of “Donna”) makes her antics even more disturbing to those of us who love Our Madonna. Whether or not She is referred to as “The Madonna” or “My Lady,” it is not stretching the imagination to believe that the singer perhaps relies on the religious connotations for a good part of the shock entertainment.

Nevertheless, it can do no harm to speak of Our Madonna and to think of Her each time we hear Her Name, whether or not the speaker is actually referring to Her!

I don’t understand why you linked to that particular article. As far as the orgin of the word Madonna, this article says,

Madonna is a medieval Italian term for a noble or otherwise important woman, and has long been used commonly in reference to images of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus. The word has also been adopted by the English and other European languages. “Madonna”, translates as “My Lady”. While stressing the personal, if reverent relationship between the Virgin and the devout Christian who addresses her in prayer, it is comparable to the French, “Notre Dame”, or “Our Lady”.

The fact is Madonna, the singer, has done quite a bit to mock the Faith that she was born into and grew up in.

BTW, Brownginger, just a friendly fyi, I don’t know if you have read the forum rules but since this is the news section there needs to be a news article and the thread needs to have the news article title in it’s title.

The first time I’d heard of her and saw her perform on TV was when she sang “Like A Virgin”. She slithered all over the floor and as a catholic I felt she was making fun of the “Virgin Mary”.

She has quite a few brothers and sisters and her catholic mother died when she was young, I believe. I think this anger has made her constantly mock the catholic church. Hum, where have I heard this similar history before - oh yes, Margaret Sanger.:rolleyes:

She has a complex relationship with the church - I’ve seen her comment in interviews that she values her faith and she would prefer her children to grow up Catholic but at the same time I don’t suppose you could call her the best Catholic ever given her position on sexual matters alone. But then again I’m sure a lot of us wouldn’t measure up to well there in real life also. Although I don’t think most of us have acted in adult movies :smiley:

She’s never strayed into the level of outright hostility of say Sinead O’Connor who infamously of course ripped up a picture of the Pope live on air some years back.

It is her real name so I suppose one can hardly have a go at her for using her own name to perform under. Although Madonna is a canny individual and she was obviously well aware of the controversy that name would elicit. I’ve always felt she combines a modicum of musical talent with a huge talent for self publicity and reinventing herself which is why while most of the other 80’s pop icons faded away she is still going strong.

Based on this comment alone, I went to You Tube to see the Like a Virgin video and live concert performances of it. I found her act rather tame compared to what is being shown today. And I found nothing implying mockery of the Blessed Mother. Just my two cents.

Her given name at birth was Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone, after her mother, who was also named Madonna Louise. If you have issues with her given name, take them up with her father. I’m not a fan of how she’s used her talent and fame, but I can’t fault her for using her own given birth name. If she’d been named Mary/Miriam, would it have been any better or worse?

Veronica is her confirmation name.

Anyone ever wonder how far Madonna (the singer) would have gone with a different name?

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