Mafia Boss Allegedly Buried in Vatican

News story in a UK newspaper alleging Mafia boss buried with popes and cardinals after widow made large donation.
I just hope it is a pack of lies as it makes depressing reading.

And arms are stored in the basements of parish churches to be taken up by the Knights of Columbus to establish a Catholic theocracy…


I have me a halberd and a conquistador helmet on reserve for when the call comes in. :thumbsup:

The fact that he is buried in St. Apollinare is true. The rest is just idle speculation, even if the burial went against canon law and secular regulations.

From the article:

The money was reportedly used on missions and to restore the Basilica of St Apollinare, where the mobster was laid to rest next to popes and cardinals after his death in 1990.

A little research reveals that **there are no popes laid to rest in the Basilica of St Apollinare.
I have a policy about secular news reports on religion: if even one small fact is wrong, I systematically ignore the whole article.

Honestly, who cares? Does it really matter where any of us are buried? I mean, what if you or I were buried next to Hitler? So what? Its not like it is going to effect our eternal destiny.

I care. When my remains burst out of my grave, I don’t want to run into oncoming traffic going the other way.

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