I’m a big mafia guy ( in movies anyway)… i love the Godfather movies, and the Sopranos, etc. I always considered people in the mafia to be in a state of mortal sin right? But i was looking at some stuff and it said that many early mafia groups were dedicated to spreading the Catholic faith. And many mafia families are Catholic. How can this be? And, as i was looking at this, i was wondering if this could fall under the law or whatever that makes war ok. Because is “whacking” an enemy mob boss the same as assassinating, or even executing, an enemy leader during war? Same with gunning down enemy mob soldiers. And stealing territory from enemy mobs would be the same as gaining land for your country during a war. Of course i could be gravely mistaken.

Another kind of related question:
Are signs of respect like kissing the ring of someone considered wrong? Besides church leaders of course. ( another thing i saw from mafia movies)

I don’t think the Mafia guys were meant to be models of being good Catholics. They are of Italian heritage which nearly by default makes them Catholic as the faith is so imbedded in the Italian culture. Their code of ethics is twisted

I own the entire Godfather DVD collection. Great acting, and yes it’s a guy movie. There is one touching scene in Godfather III, where Al Pacino makes his confession, and you see he really wants to go the right way, but in the end he just can’t quite make the leap.

I would think it would be very difficult if not impossible to be a good Catholic and remain in organized crime.

Wouldn’t crime be an opinion though? Officialy of course it would be a crime, but there have been cases where laws weren’t necessarily sins right? Some people call the war in Iraq a crime.

Possibly, but mobsters engage in prostitution, protection rackets, gambling, smuggling, theft, drug pushing, murdering rivals, etc. I can’t see how these would not be considered sins.

Now, in the 19th century in this country for example, fugitive slave laws were passed which made helping slaves escape illegal. Those who did were breaking the law, but it might not necessarily be a sin.

OH dear Brooklyn boy, I think you might have watched too many movies about the mafia and have begun to romanticise this crime group. Please, because they say they are catholic doesnt mean they are. How can a crime boss who orders the assassinations of many, who runs drug syndicates, gambling syndicates, and other nefarious interests then be said to be a catholic. Please!!!
If it isnt a religious leader’s ring you kiss, whose is it?
In the italian manner little children used (in ancient times) kiss their parent’s hand at certain times, but I dont think its a custom which has continued. I dont know of others.
Grace Angel.

As I recall, the Mafia was originally a freedom group, like the IRA, formed to free Sicily from some opperssor. However, like the IRA, they failed to stop after achieving their goal.

I’m not joining the mafia or anything, i was just wondering.
And about the ring thing, in the movies they kiss the don’s ring and i was wondering if that was bad. I’m not kissing any rings or anything.

Just wondering, but when does killing cross the line and become murder? The rival is also part of the mob, right? Wouldn’t that be the same as being in the enemy army in a war? And doesn’t the military “steal” enemy supplies? I’m not trying to knock the military or anything, so don’t get the wrong idea. I understand the drugs and prostitution and gambling though.

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However, like the IRA, they failed to stop after achieving their goal.

Not to get off topic, but the IRA has not achieved its goal. Northern Ireland is still a part of the U.K. The IRA’s goal is for the whole of Ireland to be free and independent.

they kiss the don’s ring and i was wondering if that was bad.

Ugh…well, it’s certain unsanitary.

Well at least the Mafia guys keep the killing amongst themselves… They just whack the competing families.

Not like the gangbanger punk scum in the metro’s. They’ll just kill anyone for fun, looking at them wrong, or as an initiation rite.

Yeah thats what i mean. It’s not like killing innocents. It’s like two armies in a war.

But hasn’t the Mafia harmed innocents at times, like those who testify against them in court, or honest businessmen who won’t pay protection money?


Didn’t the Mafia begin as a vigilante group in response to oppression?

I seem to remember that the Sopranos were Camorra (based on Naples) rather than Mafia (Sicily as everybody knows). The Camorra and 'Ndrangheta (Calabria) have never been other than purely criminal organisations.

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One legend is that a bunch of women and children executed German soldiers after they had done wicked things to a young daughter–Ma Fia, Ma Fia has been wickedly treated.

The weaker can execute the stronger if they work together for justice.

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