MAGA BOOM 4.1 Happy Days Here Again!


:studio_microphone: Now hear this: 3.7 Million new jobs since election! 3.5 Million off food stamps!
300 BILLION dollars have been brought back into the U.S.!
50 BILLION dollars trade deficit reduced!

"Good grief Charlie Brown, things are really getting better already!’


Lots of good news!


I thought this was about a possible tv reunion.

The Fonz and Richie.


That would be cool, too


Perversely, if this metric holds up for Trump, Democrats desperate for Trump to be voted out of office may have to root for an economic recession, which runs counter to their own personal fortunes.

The housing market is slowing down, and that's a bad sign for the economy

Appears to be a GREAT CHART!


Things are getting better! Things are getting better everyday! :us:





Darn, I thought “MAGA Boom 4.1” was going to be another Mike Cernovich/ Jack Posobiec hosted party event.


But Trump said not to believe what we’re reading and seeing.


That applies to the Fake News Media! They are feeding lies and soundbites! As an example: someone who likes to repeat the Democrat pattern of Fake News - “But Trump said not to believe what we’re reading and seeing”. Its just noise!


The items in the original post are being reported by your allegedly “fake news media.”. So, by your own admission, you shouldn’t believe it.


Lighting provided by Tiki torches? Dress code kakhis and polos? Girls didn’t show up?

Was it in a basement at their mom’s?


I didn’t see a link in the OP. :woman_shrugging:t2:


More like in the sold-out National Press Club with a riot going on outside and a ton of press there.
(They later had other events that didn’t result in riots)


When the recession hits it will probably be blamed on the Fed as they seem to have the power to cause such cycles.


Are you talking about the Cubs?


There isn’t, I was referring to the things listed.


Yes. From Trump himself you get stuff like this:


Whatever the news he always manages to hype it into falsehood.

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