Magazine gift: to give or not to give?

Because of my scrupulosity, sometimes I am unsure about whether or not a “normal” Catholic would do something that I am reluctant to do for fear of it being sinful. So I’ll just ask “before the fact” so that I’m not posting later, “Was this a sin?” For several years my husband and I have given my grown (over 30) step-daughter a subscription to Vogue Magazine. I figured it’s mostly about fashion–what could be sinful about it? But recently I’ve begun to wonder about whether or not I want to keep giving this gift. There are the usual “wordly” articles about celebrities and politics, etc., some of which are very liberally slanted. And apparently a couple of years ago they had a 10-year-old model in a somewhat provocative pose on their cover. Whenever we get a renewal notice, I throw it in the trash, hoping that my step-daughter won’t mention that her subscription is about to run out. Since she’s getting ready to move, she just emailed me to ask me if I had access to inform the magazine of her new address and told me she still really enjoys the magazine. I don’t really know what to say. She attends Mass semi-regularly, but doesn’t embrace all of the Church’s teachings, as many young people don’t. I don’t want to turn her away from the Church by being scrupulous, but on the other hand, I don’t feel really comfortable continuing to give her this magazine. Am I being scrupulous? Or can someone give me advice on what to say that won’t make me sound like a religious fanatic? Neither do I want to imply that I think she’s sinning by reading a magazine that’s mostly about high fashion.

If you decide for any reason not to purchase a magazine subscription for anyone - you have a right to not make the purchase.

You don’t even need to explain your reason.

If asked, you can honestly say you wanted to do something different this year for a gift or you decided not to renew the gift this year.

I’m guessing that this is a line-ball call Veronica. There’s some argument against the magazine, but it’s not very strong.

Perhaps those who know the magazine better can comment. Or maybe their lack of comments indicates that they are not sure either.

I look at Vogue when there’s nothing else in a waiting room. :slight_smile:

Perhaps, when a moral choice is not clear one can stay with the status-quo. ie. there’s not enough reason to say anything to your step-daughter.

There is always going to be questionable articles in secular magazines. If not in one month’s issue than in another month’s.

Vogue, I think, is mostly about fashion. If she likes it then I would defer to her idea that is a good, wholesome magazine, she is over 30 after all. My sister always gives “Reader’s Digest” as gifts and that can’t be a very bad magazine with articles about life, etc. If your step-daugher is Catholic she may even enjoy one of the Catholic magazines that have articles about the church and world events.

I looked at the Vogue website and was horrified. Pagan materialism at its’ worst.

Veronica, did you read these genuine responses to your question?

Did you find any of them helpful?

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