Magazine Question?

Has anyone ever read the magazine “Faith and Family”. It is a Catholic Magazine? Do you recommend?

A while back I made the terrible decision of subscribing to US Catholic. This happened early on in my learning of my faith. After a number of readings of the US Catholic magazine, I knew something was very wrong. I wrote to the editor of US Catholic and got no resonse. Later I wrote to the US Catholic to cancel my subscription, but they continue to send their liberal magazine to my house.

I don’t want this to happen again.


I just recently received a free issue in the mail.

It takes a much more traditional stance than does U.S. Catholic. It had good advice and interesting articles.

I found it more geared towards moms, but maybe that was just the one issue.

I would recommend giving it a try. If you go to their website, they will send you a free issue.

God bless!


I subscribe to it. It is Catholic and orthodox. I like it very much. You can probably get a sample copy to review before you subscribe.

I subscribe to it and the National Catholic Register. They have similar freelance writers and I find them both interesting & informative.

U.S. Catholic magazine often promotes dissent against de fide church teaching.

If that offends you (and it should),
then please consider never donating to the CLARETIANS, nor their National Shrine of Saint Jude in Chicago, because they are the ones who publish U.S. CATHOLIC.

God bless,
Jaypeeto3 (aka Jaypeeto4)

I really enjoy reading my mom’s copy. The last time I read it I thought I should find an old thread and bump so people could consider subscribing. I didn’t think I would like it because it’s focused on families and I didn’t think it would be relevant to me, but I just can’t get away from the families around me :wink:

There have been a several threads with questions or topics addressed in Faith & Family, including the one for websites for teens, couples and NFP where one or both stuggle with it.

The only negative is that it’s published only 4-6 times (I’m not sure) a year.

Thanks for your feedback!

The weekly newspaper, The Wanderer, might be of interest to you.

I would chase after their Web site, but the search button here on CAF is broken at the moment and I might not be able to find this post to edit it with the Link to The Wanderer.

But it should pop up if you visit Google.

You can also try “The Latin Mass”.


This Rock


The Catholic Answer

Actually, there is a whole slew of very “orthodox”, “traditional” Catholic magazines.

Visit and get their monthly magazine.

And then there are the Catholic news magazines. (which for some reason I can’t lay my hands on this instant).

HLI has a monthly newsletter which is very interesting. has a periodic newsletter also.

Once you get on some of these mailing lists, other excellent magazines will contact you and offer subscriptions.

You can get a free trial issue here:

Our family has subscribed for over a year now, and we just re-subscribed for two more years. I have not seen anything against the Church in this magazine. It really gives a good example of what a practicing Catholic family may look like and encourages Catholic culture within the family. We find it to be very balanced in that it acknowledges the challenges that Catholic families may face in this culture, but it inspires families to strive toward the highest goal, that is Christ-centered lives.

Whilst going through some piles of stuff, I found “Inside the Vatican” and “Laywitness”… two more solidly Catholic magazines.

As the piles shift around, I’m sure more of different magazines will unearth themselves.

Interesting thing came in the mail today.

“MagnifiKid!” published by the same people who publish “Magnificat”.

1 year $29.90


I agree that it is geared more towards moms. It’s not a bad magazine though. When our subscription is up I think I’ll try This Rock.

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