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i would like to know something. how many magazine subscriptions is it ok to have? i know that we are suppose to be good stewards with our money. is three to many? what about five? or is it more just what you can afford? i want to join some that are related to my hobbies and my career. and i want to be smart with my money


Hi Andy! :tiphat:

You get as many subscriptions as you want! :thumbsup:


1.) How many do you want?
2.) How many can you afford?
3.) Do you keep the things picked up and put away?

You can do what you like.

Me- I don’t like paper mags all the time, or newspapers. I like things digital, because I am a slob, and ezines keep me neater.

You- That’s up to you!


Wow! I MUCH PREFER paper----magazines and newspapers—because I can take these things around the house and outside, easily, etc., can treat them normally, without kid gloves, and so forth.

I’ve found that PAPER information sources get read and get re-read.

I’m always amazed that some folks like reading from the computer screen. Hurts my eyes! :slight_smile:

Here’s what we take:

Chicago Tribune
diocesan paper
various newsletters
Adventure Cycling
Railway Age

At one time, I was way up on subscriptions, both monthly magazines and quarterly journals. The real test is whether you actually DO read what comes in. It’s okay to skip though a bit, but if you’re just tending to set aside what you get, it’s probably wise to drop it.

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