Magazines calling bellies "bumps"


Anyone notice the recent trend referring to pregnant celebrities’ bellies as “bumps”?

When the headline says something like, " Celeb X shows her bump" I really dislike it. However, today I saw one referred to as a “baby bump”. At least they recognize there’s a baby!


Well, considering how THIN most of those women are, it would look like a “bump”:smiley: ----They should go all out and offend some anti-lifers and call it “with child”—that sounds so beautiful.

On the lighter side: When I had my first pregnancy several yrs ago, I ran to my dad who was ushering in church (before mass, of course :rolleyes: ). It was just the foyer, so I ran up to him and said"Daddy! DAddy Guess what??! i am pregnant!" Being that I am and WAS married at the time, it should not have been embarrassing to him, but he said “shhh, people will know…” the other usher laughed and said “Hey the Blessed Mother was pregnant too with Our Lord and Saviour!” Everybody in the foyer laughed, and my dad smiled embarrassed. :smiley:


I believe it’s a British thing. I read a some British magizines and talked to, well a world population on the web, when I was last pregnant.I heard “baby bump” a lot! It’s just a cute way of saying, “look at that pregnant belly”.



Hehe…I like it. I call my belly a “baby bump.”


The first time I heard the term was also in a British context.

I kinda like the sound of it… My beautiful little baby bump. :love:


Yes, I was 6mos pregnant when we arrived in england…everyone referred to him as my “bump” – I just got used to it; it’s more a term of affection over there…and you know how great the Brits are with gossip mags, so probably where the american versions stole it from:rolleyes:


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