Magazines for Catholic Women

Are there any good, orthodox Catholic magazines for women out there with parenting and marriage advice? Thanks to anyone who has any leads!

The Magazine Rack section of lists Faith and Life Magazine and Canticle, among other Catholic magazines…

Faith & Family

I love them both! :thumbsup:


[quote=Debbie]Faith & Family


Forgot to mention that F&F will send a free trial issue.


I get Faith and Family—it is a beautiful and informative magazine.

I also get Catholic Parent magazine which is very orthodox. I get this one for all my Catholic family/friends for their baby showers.

God Bless
Women for Faith and Family has a magazine called Voices. It’s more about church issues, but also has other topics.

I also like Faith and Family Magazine.



I let a subscription lapse with a secular magazine because it was beginning to lose it’s appeal. So I’m looking to replace it with a Catholic magazine, somewhat geared towards women or women’s issues…maybe even family orientated.

Any suggestions??

Thank You :slight_smile:

Prairie Rose


Since I’m constantly on the lookout for any good Catholic magazines for women, I clicked on this thread. I have browsed through a few issues of Be Radiant, and I can say that it’s a good magazine.

There’s also Celestial magazine, thought I haven’t read its contents. It was mentioned on Jason and Crystalina’s FB page, so I think it’s a good one.

Hope this helps!

My wife likes “The Word Among Us” and “Catholic Digest”.

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