Magazines for teenage girls--an article on an eye-opening look on them


This writer, remarking on how the girls who read magazines for teenagers use them as leading sources of advice for their personal lives, found them filled with marketing messages and advice that included such things as their relationships with boys, birth control techniques, lesbian love, and how to deceive their parents.


Ever heard of cosmo? Haha, that pretty much sums it up.


Just reading the headlines on most magazines tells you all you need to know about why to avoid them. Most magazine covers look like posters for porn films with their half-naked, seductively-posed women and headlines screaming “SEX!!”


I think about this quite often, as I am a young woman re-connecting with my faith after a little college-aged latency, and and to recall the content pushed at me during my teenage years from all mediums is mind-boggling, especially through the rather newfound lens of my faith. In high school, my girlfriends and I frequently passed around Glamours and Cosmos, and I eagerly absorbed and contemplated every word of sex advice and painfully vapid articles on painfully vapid topics, like bikini waxing mishaps and how to prepare to make your own private sex tape with your man (yes, really). I found it only mildly offensive and harmless, until the day I read Cosmopolitan’s suggestion that, should a woman sense her man has had a hard day at work, she should immediately lie down and assume a (ahem) supine position to facilitate a quick, mindless sexual output for him to relieve said tension (and of course, it was not worded anywhere near so thoughtfully as that).

Really?!!! That is how I am supposed to treat my boyfriend? :eek:

Needless to say, even my 17-year-old self was scandalized, incensed, and eager to seek a more intelligent publication to peruse; that illuminated just how non-existent the respect for my demographic truly was. Looking back now, I am even more horrified and awed at the lifestyle that these magazines force on young women; they undermine men’s worthiness (women’s, too, on every level, but they really undersell the male potential/tendency to be considerate, respectful, and non-sex-obsessed beings), normalize risky pre- and extra-marital sexual behaviors and aberrant sexual acts even within marriage, and overall imply that no woman can navigate a relationship unless she’s armed with a textbook knowledge of fellatio or she’s outfitted in the newest fall trends. Really, it’s so offensive. Everything printed there totally devalues and actively rejects the virtues and traits young women should be striving for. :frowning:


It starts early and is very hidden:

The Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood support one another.


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