Is anyone here particularly fond of any magazines? I have recently
subscribed to the The Economist, The New Yorker, and Time, and they are making the crisp PA mornings very enjoyable. I know these titles should be underlined, but the function isn’t working, so try to imagine it in proper.

cancelled all subscriptions to reduce clutter, and read most of what I want on-line. still get RD and CD from kids school fundraisers, but they are good bathroom mags. I still buy mags occasionally on the newstand (puzzles, of course, or articles that catch my eye, for a while it was decorating, then diets, now diabetes). I gather up “used” mags and drop off at doctor’s office every month. Catechist mags are sent to the office and distributed to other teachers when I have finished with them. It is an indulgence to pay for New Yorker just for the cartoons and fillers, so I read it at my dentist. same with Atlantic, he lets me have the puzzles from old issues.

I recommend “First Things”, which is a religious magazine that is intellectual and entertaining. It slants to Catholic issues, but also there are articles about Protestant and even Jewish issues.

Wish it was better known and more widely read. “First Things” shoots down the atheist belief that all religious people are cretins who can barely tie their shoes in the morning.

Not to mention it has pages of gossip. No, not on the latest celebrity breakup, but on the doings of mainline churches, bishops, and the like. And lots of reviews of books nobody else is reviewing but will be of interest to those who are religious.

God bless, Annem

Okay, confession time… we love our fashion mags. Not the trash, either, but Elle, Town and Country, W, Harper’s Bazaar, maybe Jane, possibly Nylon. Classy, or as much as it gets (pretty considerable, actually).

The only rags we’re currently subscribed to (as opposed to picking up whenever) are Giant Robot, a Pacific Rim haute-pop-culture magazine, McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern/The Believer (which I can highly recommend to all you lit-snobs out there, yes, you know who you are), and, regrettably, Inside the Vatican as a two-years-in-a-row Christmas present from family. I say regrettably because they seem to have sold or given our address to every moneygrubbing mailing list with ‘Catholic’ in the name. I’ve gotten pleas for cash from dioceses and monastic orders around the globe, letters from a certain Catholic politician who tried to run for president telling me that since I’m such a good Catholic and would do anything to make abortion illegal and absolutely quiver at the thought of gay marriage (I do, but probably not in the way he thought) that of course I’d vote for him and send him piles of money. Yeah, if I’d had a spare brick lying around, guess what he’d have been paying postage for.

I’ve even gotten a couple from Catholic Answers. I remember on one I just enclosed a message saying ‘give my love to the CAF mods!’ in the business reply envelope :thumbsup:

Other than that, we occasionally pick up the Fortean Times, various punk zines (been a while on those, though… should get back into it), Analog, Asimov’s, other things of that sort, and when it was still in circulation, the Weekly World News. Quite a varied list really. I got one free issue of Homiletic and Pastoral Review once (the only plus side I can think of to Inside the Vatican’s loose grip on its subscriber list). I wouldn’t mind getting that every month.

Ha! :smiley: Once you are on any Catholic mailing list you are on them all. I get appeals from more religious orders and Catholic organizations than I even knew existed.

Can’t contribute to everybody, even if they are doing good work.

On the other hand, I am still getting mailings from the Church of Scientology after inadvertently buying one of the books at a Home Show 30 years ago! I never respond; they just keep coming.

I get:

The Economist
U.S. News
The New Yorker
Business Week
First Things
Architectural Digest
This Old House
Scientific American
The Rambler
The Sun

I read way too much and my wife gets really annoyed with all these magazines. It has annoyed her for 30 years. You’d think she’d get used to it…

I like The Economist, Physics Today, New Scientist, Scientific American, and Time.

Until recently I received (and enjoyed them all):
First Things - conservative Catholic and ecumenical
Touchstone - conservative Christian, ecumenical
Tikkun - liberal Jewish and ecumenical
U.S. Catholic - moderate to liberal Catholic
Commonweal - moderate to liberal Catholic

But I dropped them since they were interfering with my online reading. :wink:

I really enjoy magazines and if my ship comes in before my wharf collapses I would probably subscribe to about 15 or so.

Regular must reads are:
The New Yorker, the Atlantic, The Weekly Standard and the New York Times Sunday Magazine. My DW looks forward to Prevention.

Occasional reads are Consumers’ Reports, The New Republic, Guitar One, Downbeat, Vanity Fair, The National Review, First Things, The Smithsonian and Esquire.

We also had to cash in some frequent flyer miles or lose our points so we also get Bon Appetit, Newsweek, Martha Stuart’s Living and Sports Illustrated. At times a nice article or recipe turns up but they won’t be missed when they expire.

Every Day With Rachael Ray, Taste of Home, Cook’s Country (you see a pattern, don’t you???)

Used to get Country Discoveries (also from Reiman Publications) before they went under.

Reader’s Digest is another fave (now that they seem to be getting rid of the Dove ads with the half-naked women on the back covers… I e-mailed them about that, especially since I really enjoyed the C.F. Payne art they had on the back covers before then.)

Used to get Catholic Answers… now I’m here! I know, not the same Catholic Answers, but this is interactive!

Taste of Home, Cooking with Paula Deen, Magnificat, used to read Woman’s World but not anymore.

I always buy the Sacred Heart Messenger, and if I can get it, St Martins magazine. A good one we have here in Britain is Catholic Life - full of interesting articles, well illustrated. It has features on saints, Catholic customs, historical features eg a very interesting article about King Charles I’s wife, who was a Catholic.
For secular reading I like Cross Stitcher, New Stitches, BBC History magazine, Private Eye, Family History, Songlines.
Some of the womens’ magazines give away free gifts, so if it’s something nice, like a bag, I tend to buy it and throw the magazine away outside the newsagents! Ditto with music magazines that give away cds.

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