Magdalene Laundries

I have just watched a TV programme here on Channel 4 called
"Lie Lab".Kathy O’Beirne was going to prove to us that the contents of her book were truthful by taking a lie detector test.
Only one of her siblings backed her up,the rest said her book was a pack of lies.She alleged she was sexually abused in Magdalene Laundries and physically abused by her father.
In the middle of it all,Kathy threatened to pull out unless her brother Oliver also took the lie detector test and he had to take it before she did.He got a satisfactory result.She still refused to take the test.

So-called “lie detectors” are hardly reliable. At best they can prove whether the subject believes what s/he is saying.

I understand it is about 96.4% accurate and perhaps that is not good enough to be used in Court.In addition,the chancers think they have a way to beat it.They cause the result to be inconclusive by developing a cough during the test,a cough they didn’t have five minutes before being tested.
Regarding the Channel 4 Programme i saw on Saturday night,
they were saying that,to begin with,Kathy O’Beirne was going round letting everyone know that she was about to do this test.
Her brother,Oliver,was initially not involved,till she threatened to pull out of the test.She also demanded that Oliver be tested first.
She then refused to do her test.Kathy wasn’t even prepared to take the risk of the machine proving that she believed what she was saying,never mind if she was lying.
I’ve been wondering what her game was.I could have had some respect for her if she had been offered the test and simply refused
because the 96.4% accuracy was not to her satisfaction.
You might remember,some years ago,an English nurse and a Scottish nurse were charged in Saudi Arabia with the murder of
an Australian nurse.The English nurse was to be beheaded,the Scottish nurse was to get 8 years and 500 lashes till Prince Charles used his influence with the Saudi Royals.
It was suggested that the Scottish nurse only went to Saudi Arabia because she was suspected of stealing from an elderly female patient.When she returned to the U.K.she refused to take a lie detector test saying,"if it is so accurate,why do they not use it in Court.However,they did nail her.Courtesy of the Bank’s CCTV,
she was caught withdrawing the elderly patient’s money.

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