Magic and the bible

what type of magic is the bible forbidding?

and how does that relate to magic in fiction books or movies for example?

I don’t think magic exists anyways

The Bible is only forbidding real magic because it comes from demons. Magic in fiction is fake.

what’s the difference though? something like murder or sexual immorality would be bad, fiction or not

The typical parlance is that a work is only bad insofar as it “glorifies X” where X is magic or murder. There are further distinctions, if magic is represented as a tool, with some sort of mundanaity, as an ability of a select few grace-laced folk, or whatever else.

There is a movie reviewer with an interesting take on the matter here. Mr. Greydanus theorizes acceptable “hedges” and offers some examples on why they are important and things that do/do-not violate them. Some of this is built on The Lord of the Rings as a primary example.

Fictional magic is fictional, as is fictional violence. Mere presence does not mean it is portrayed in a morally acceptable light. The latter is the problem.

If the presence of violence and adultery were inherently wrong in a book, then you ought to put away that naughty Bible of yours! It’s loaded with it!

What we really have to look at is, what is the deeper meaning.

There’s a big difference between a book or show or play glorifying violence, and the same thing using violence as part of a plot about good versus evil. Magic, even more so, because it’s harder to really be using magic in a book in a way that suggests that people should be practicing it or something. It’s a question of the intentions of the author, and the credibility that the reader is applying to it.

If “magic did not exist” the Bible would not warn against it. The Bible warns against these things because of the evil that can come from them.

I don’t think the Bible is talking so much about “magic tricks” like the guy pulling a rabbit from a hat. It is more about the Satanic, and dark arts.

Why do you not think it exists?

Magic is VERY real, I believe it is an ‘art’ that has mostly been lost to the ages, and in modern times, its something we just dont know how to access anymore. Plus, why would the bible forbid something that people could not even do? I also believe it is demonic in origin and am kind of surprised Satan has not used this in modern times

Exactly, the Bible does not forbid riding unicorns. But it does magic. So one would think magic was a real thing.

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