Magic Mike

Is it appropriate for Catholics to see the movie “Magic Mike”? It got an O rating and seems to basically be a male stripper movie, referred to as “mommy porn” by some… just like the 50 shades of grey book. I was shocked when my wife and some of her mom friends (who all have kids in our kids Parish school) ended up going to see it on Friday and it is really eating away at me. She dismissed my concern as saying it is just like everything else and there is tons of sex in movies. Am I making too big of a deal out of this by being concerned/hurt that she would go to see it?

As a woman, I refuse to see it because it DOES deal with male strippers and I just don’t feel it’s appropriate for me to watch something like that. I can definitely see why you were concerned about your wife going to see it. But, for what it’s worth, I heard from several of my friends who went to see it that it was overrated and a waste of money. :wink:

I am hoping that movies such as this and the planned movie version of “50 Shades of Grey” NEVER get released here in the Far East!

I don’t think you’re making too big of a deal out of the movie. My husband specifically asked me not to see this movie. My husband has NEVER asked me not to see or read any kind of particular movie or book, he lets me make up my own mind about such things. But this movie hit a nerve with him and if it affected him so significantly I knew there had to be other husbands and men out there that were also thinking similarly.

I wasn’t planning on seeing the movie anyways. I’ve never found male stripper type shows entertaining, never had the desire to go with a bunch of my girlfriends and objectify men for an evening and call it fun.

I too have heard the movie isn’t that good. But justifying seeing a movie because its like everything else and there are tons of sex in movies is LAME.

I seriously can’t fathom why anyone would want to see this movie. It looks so mind-numbingly stupid.

I thought I was really disappointed when a friend of my wife’s read 50 shades. Now I *know *that I am REALLY disappointed because her friend is dying to see this movie. Pretty sad actually…But I do know that I am proud of my wife for not being interested in this stuff at all.

:thumbsup: I agree. Dumb when men saw movies like this, dumb for women too. Same thing.

Most male strippers are gay anyway.


It’s just another way society demeans women by turning them into false men. That’s really not the way womens’ sexuality works, but since males get aroused primarily visually, the clubs are based on strip clubs for men. I think the gay strippers are probably performing for each other and the male waiters. LOL

I agree. Women on the whole are not turned on visually like men, which is why things like male strip clubs and Playgirl magazine are not nearly as popular as their female counterparts.

Plus the movie looks incredibly, ridiculously awful!!

Here’s an odd observation of mine.
I see more and more young women get perverted ideas when they see homoeroticism. O:

Yes, you’re not the only one that has made that observation.

My question is, why is it that they get perverted ideas whenever they look at homoeroticism?

Sounds like my reaction was not completely ill founded… based on that, any suggestions for how to respond? She knows I am mad about it but thinks I am being “ridiculous.” I’ve already tried to lead by example by making it clear I won’t see certain movies or partake in certain activities but feel like that is getting nowhere in terms of helping her at least understand my position if not change her behavior?

Ask her how she’d feel if you went out and rented a porn video. Although this movie may not be in the same league, from what others have told me it’s being marketed as such, at least to some degree. If she can at least understand why you watching porn would be wrong, she may be able to make the correlation with this movie.

Too late; it’s going to be shown here in the Philippines sometime this July, I think.


Sick, sick, sick. I guess women are becoming more like men. Seeing a couple of women making out turns a lot of men on, I have no idea why. Actual lesbians kissing and stuff is just gross but :confused: seeing men making out turns women on??

I really want Jesus to come back now!


It’s because men foolishly think they are doing so because there is no man around and they are “warming up” for a man…yeah I know it’s stupid as fink…but that’s why :stuck_out_tongue:

As for Magic Mike, I dunno why anyone would want to see it…to me it looks like Showgirls with men…and Showgirls was a baaaaad movie I mean it sucked, even seeing Gina Gershon and that chick from Saved By the Bell nude and some lesbo scenes couldn’t save that worthless piece of garbage of a film. I see Magic Mike the same.

I just find it lame that Channing Tatum has a career, he’s a terrible actor and he was a stripper…what’s next? Jenna Jameson and Ron Jeremy does Shakespeares Romeo & Juliet?..uhhhh no strike that, forget I said anything. I don’t want to imagine that.

OP, I think your concern is justified. My condolences that your wife finds this kind of thing enjoyable (which, of course, makes her just a normal American; we’re in the minority here on this issue).

I am ever thankful that I am blessed with a wife who has the same Catholic outlook as I do on sexuality and not objectifying other people :slight_smile:

My entire office went out to see Rock of Ages (also rated O) last week as a team outing; I was the only one who declined. Which made me sad, as I love the music :frowning:

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