Magician priest hails a real miracle [India]

Magician priest hails a real miracle

By Bosco de Souza Eremita

PILAR, India: Father Ivan Madtha, a priest and magician from Mangalore, captivates his audience with the full range of familiar magic tricks.

During his regular shows, he conjures light, water and flowers from an empty box in a representation of the Creation. He cuts people in three, floats in mid air and reappears among the audience after being chained and locked in a box.

But Father Madtha says what he does is commonplace compared to the miracle of his own survival.

Four years ago, he was given up for dead after being accidentally jostled by a crowd at a Mumbai railway station, and falling under the wheels of an oncoming train as a result.

He broke several bones, and lost his left arm and two fingers on his right hand. Doctors did not believe he would live, and even if he did, they said he would not be able to bend his left leg for more than 60 degrees.

“Now I can bend 115 degrees,” the priest said, showing his healed leg.

The priest said he recovered rapidly after relatives and friends prayed along with Catholics of Mangalore diocese. Instead of the six weeks doctors said he would be on a ventilator, he was breathing on his own after only four days.
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Despite the handicap, Father Madtha continues to be much sought for his inspiring talks at retreats and seminars, and of course for his magic acts.

“Hearing my story, people’s faith in God has soared sky high. They get courage to endure their sufferings, become stronger in their faith, and inspired to do more seeing that I do so much with just three fingers,” added the priest.

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