Magicians say their craft makes them see faith as just hocus-pocus

Now, Jillette, in his new book, “God, No!,” says he has little use for performers who try to use magic tricks to lure audiences into a spiritual message. Magic doesn’t make someone an atheist, he says, but it makes it a lot harder to be a believer.

“It’s always astonished me how any magician can be spiritual,” he writes before lambasting magicians who connect the loosely mystical or the vividly Christian with sleight-of-hand. “It seems like depicting the most important event in one’s philosophy with a $19.95 trick from a joke shop cheapens it a bit.”

Not all magicians—even those who are skeptics—agree that magic and spirituality don’t mix.

“I think there is a deeper and more real link between magic and spirituality than between magic and atheism,” said Eugene Burger, a teacher of magic who also holds a divinity degree. “I think for most people who have moved from magic to atheism it is based on a false generalization—that because some things are tricks, all things are tricks.”

Burger, a self-described skeptic, sees a spiritual image in the famous magic trick where three separate rings become joined as one. It’s really a metaphor for how broken people want to be restored, he said.

“The magician has a role to play,” Burger said. “It is reminding people who grew up in a highly technological society of things we are in danger of forgetting. Things are not always what they seem to be. Magic says what you think is impossible might be possible after all.”

Chris Angel is religious. i guess he’ll be my magician of choice from now on

don’t feed the troll

I can’t watch Jillette and Teller. I don’t believe in auras…but they have an aura.

What color does it appear?


Been a Penn and Teller fan for a while (and the Amazing Randi).

Well, this is about par for the course with Penn. But… I really wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere down the road Penn becomes a Christian, or at least get a spiritual practice. Don’t laugh. I can see this happening. :wink: I do have respect for him. I don’t agree with his view that it’s hard to practice magic and be spiritual. Eh, well.

I do enjoy this video:

Yep, I always knew that magic makes people into agnostics while Harry Potter makes children Satanists. If only Philip Pullman were ehre to lead them to salvation!

But THIS guy takes the cake for being an evil magician!

Look at him with those satanic eyes. Disgusting! He even ran a religious school for children. SATANIC! (magicians are also known raise up zombies, sacrifice kittens in a blood ritual and give rides to planet ping pong).

Hell, Harry Potter is so materialistic today, that you won’t believe what they’re planning to do with the movies:

Society is even accepting cruelty of animals as the same news source shows here: Its sickening.

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