Magisterium of the Catholic Church


Another aspect of the magisterium:

The Magisterium of the Pastors of the Church in moral matters is ordinarily exercised in catechesis and preaching, with the help of the works of theologians and spiritual authors. Thus from generation to generation, under the aegis and vigilance of the pastors, the “deposit” of Christian moral teaching has been handed on, a deposit composed of a characteristic body of rules, commandments, and virtues proceeding from faith in Christ and animated by charity. (CCC 2033)

Thanks, CajunJoy65. I realize most Catholics already know what the Magisterium is, but the article helped clarify for me what the Magisterium is and does.

For whatever reason, I had been under the impression it was a small group of Catholic theologians in the Pope’s inner circle of advisers, like a President’s Cabinet or something but who focus on Catholic doctrinal matters.

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