Magnificat and Liturgy of the Hours

Can anyone share with me the relationship, if any, with the Magnificat’s structure and the Liturgy of the Hours? I have never done a side by side comparison but it seems like the Magnificat’s Morning and Evening Prayers are “scaled back” versions of the LOTH.

Is there any relation?


Not really. MAGNIFICAT uses hymns, psalm readings, and intentions, but not borrowed from the LOTH. I like the variety of hymns not in the LOTH:harp:

I think I’ve read that Magnificat’s prayers are inspired by the LOTH.

The Magnificat version of morning and evening prayer are “inspired” by the LOTH, but not really liturgical in any sense. They can be prayed as a personal devotion, nothing wrong with that, but a fuller meaning I believe, comes from praying the prayer of the universal Church, the Liturgy of the Hours. Just doing Morning and Evening Prayer in the LOTH shouldn’t be too onerous, maybe 15 min. each. What’s a half-hour during the day? Magnificat maybe saves you 10 minutes overall. Maybe better than nothing if stuck without your breviary and Internet access though.

Praying the LOTH is a liturgical act in the fullest sense and is to be commended even by the laity.

Different prayers. Matter of personal preference.

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