Magnificat Magazine: Worth Subscribing?

Hello: I was wondering if any of you have subscribed to Magnificat Magazine, and if so if you think it is worth the subscription price, which is around $45.00 per year.

I would like to do the readings before each Mass, as I have a problem concentrating fully on them during Mass I should. I’ve tried a St. Joseph Missal, which does have the readings for each week, but the text interpretations of the readings sometimes seems dated.

I was thinking about subscribing to something which would give more current interpretations. I know some churches have Missals for this purpose, but mine does not have anything to read along with as the readings are being spoken, we just have songbooks.

Thanks for your help.

Do you mean “interpretation” or “translation”? The Magnificat, which I highly recommend, does not have interpretations. It has the readings, in the current translation, and a meditation, which is often like a short homily. If you are looking for Bible study type interpretations, Magnificat is probably not what you are looking for.

Magnificat magazine has morning and evening prayer, the readings for Mass and a wonderful section on Church art every month. You can use it to prepare for Mass by reading the readings before you go but frankly, you can do that with the USCCB site. The gift of Magnificat is the material for times of the day other than Mass.

The copy of St Joseph’s book that I have gives an interpretion of what each reading for each Sunday Mass means. How it relates to today’s world, etc. The book was written some time ago and I find the interpretations somewhat distracting

\ I would actually prefer a book or magazine without these comments added, so it sounds like Magnificat may meet my needs in that regard.

I like Magnificat Magazine, it helps me. I often take it to Mass

Excellent, if you go to Mass daily and have the time before or after for the readings in the Magnificat and/or if you are serious about things such as Compline or the Breviary.

If you use it every day, the Magnificat is great. If not, it’s an expensive resource to waste.

Tsk task. You forgot to mention the Saint Of The Day, and the monthly essey on a spiritual painting. AND the front matter. I regard MAGNIFICAT as a wonderful investment, because I can carry it on my pocket for a quick read when I would otherwise be idle:thumbsup:

I complete agree with you… I have it and paid up until May, but I only read it on Sundays. I gave my Jan and Feb Magnificat to my parents… to ease my guilt. :blush:

Unfortunately I will not have time to use it every day, I work six days a week. I’d probably only read it on Sundays. Maybe I should hold off on subscribing to Magnificat until I retire and have more time.

I believe that they still send one issue out for free. Call them and check it out. That way you can evaluate the value to your spirituality. Although I rarely get to daily Mass, I enjoy reading the readings of the day and the saint bios. The morning and evening prayers just take a few minutes. The idea is to build a discipline and there are many paths to take. Magnificat is just one of those paths.

I enjoy my subscription to Magnificat for all of the reasons stated above. My favorite thing to do is just have it sitting on my desk at work. People notice the cover of each new issue as they pass by. Most are non-Catholics but almost all of them always pick it up and take a look. It’s an amazingly subtle evangelization tool as well as a wonderful daily devotional!

I see some good reasons put forth for subscribing. However I have subscribed to some daily reading publications from Catholic Digest, and I ended up not reading them. I don’t think they included the Mass readings, however.

I think I’m going to try to obtain a single issue so that I can see what the magazine is like, then decide whether I want to subscribe.

maverick, I LOVE my Magnificat and highly recommend it. They’ll send you a free issue if you’re considering subscribing.

I have been subscribing to Magnificat for years!
I purchase the four year subscription because it’s 50% off the cover price.

I went to to the Magnificat Web Site and ordered a complimentary copy. Very easy to do, and didn’t have to give my credit card number or anything like that. Thanks for the advice.

Hopefully this will be what I was looking for. I’ve been wondering what this Magazine would be like now I’ll get to see.

I love the Magnificat! I have been reading it pretty steadily for the last 3-4 years. I even was able to always keep a copy in my ACU pants cargo pocket during combat duty in Iraq for 14 months. It was a real rock for me & my Faith! Does anyone out there know how they put it together? I have heard that it is a shortened form of the Liturgy of the Hours. Either way I love it & it keeps me up to date on our Church’s readings and saint of the day. The editorials, daily meditation and other added extras are great too, especially to aid in Lent and Advent.

Eric V


**i too, use the Magnificat Magazine daily for the Mass readings, & Adoration.

i love the Meditation of the Day, the prayers & the articles & the incredible artwork!

i recommend everyone subscribe, it’s only $44.95 for 1 year, 14 issues, pocket sized, with over 400 pages per issue!**

Subscribe here;

or here;

As a retired active duty soldier, i commend you for your service!!

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


Magnificat mag is the best. Been reading it for 4-5 years now. An excellent resource, especially for daily communicants. Excellent articles every issue.

I’ve been using it for our dismissals of the catechumens. I use the magnificat as an aid for discussing the readings and incorporating the prayers of the Church. Which, as a once-catechumen myself, I didn’t have any exposure to prior to RCIA.

Magnificat is not a shortened form of the Liturgy of the Hours (Divine Office). It is a private devotion which offers structured Morning and Evening Prayer which looks very similar to the LOTH in its format. And of course, it uses the Psalms as the LOTH does. But on any given day, the Psalms for the LOTH will not be the same as those in Magnificat. Magnificat is a beautiful private devotion, but it is not the Liturgy of the Hours.

For more detail on this, there is a great blog on the LOTH called Coffee and Canticles, and the author, Daria Sockey, has written a book recently published to great reviews, *The Everyday Catholic’s Guide to the Liturgy of the Hours. * There is also a General Instruction for the Liturgy of the Hours which can, among other things, explain why the LOTH “outranks,” in a manner of speaking, private devotions such as Magnificat. But for ordinary lay Catholics, it is fine to choose *Magnificat *over the LOTH. There is a link to the General Instruction on Sockey’s blog.

As is the case with many others, I’ve subscribed for years and it has become a great aid in my prayer life, not even counting taking it to Mass. You’re in for a treat.

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