Magnificat Magazine: Worth Subscribing?

A publication similar to Magnificat only less expensive is “The Word Among Us” $35 per year buys a subscription. It has the mass readings for every day of the month. A meditation for each day. Also some interesting articles on the Faith. You can get it an issue at a time in many Catholic book shops or you may subscribe at

When I started attending daily Mass a few years ago, I tried Magnificant but I found I prefer The Word Among Us. It has the readings of the day, a little reflection on the day, and some articles that I pace throughout the month. Magnificant for some reason, seemed too “holy” for me. I really think it is a 6 of one, half a dozen of the other situation.

I’ve been a subscriber for the last couple of years, and love it, though I probably do NOT use it as many others do – like, as it’s written. What works for me, because I am not a daily-mass-attendee, I have incorporated the readings for the day as part of my morning Spiritual Reading and prayers. I start out with the Rosary, then pray the Magnificat prayers (including the Mass readings) and then I have one or two other books which give me important “messages to me” - no matter what books I use! It works for me.
For the first year I subscribed to Magnificat, I WASTED MANY of the issues, because I didn’t really make it a regular part of my prayers. By incorporating the readings into my daily prayers, it has been very helpful, and has given me many insights into the workings of the soul. The daily meditation is usually excellent, and at the end of the month, I ‘celebrate’ that month by reading the Artwork discription. Cover to cover, I find it’s well- worth the 44.95. Let’s face it, my soul is worth more than 5 bucks a month!

This is what I found about Magnificat vs Word Among Us also. In addition to the fact that Magnificat is more expensive. But I know of lots of people in my parish that prefer one or the other. Like you I guess it is a matter of what helps most in your journey toward God.:shrug:

WAU is cheaper but Magnificat combines both the readings of the day with portions of the Liturgy of the Hours. If you aren’t interested in the LOtH, it probably isn’t worth the extra money. But if you are, it is cheaper and MUCH easier to carry around than even Shorter Christian Prayer. :wink:

I have had a problem with Liturgy of the Hours being too complicated for me. My wife does it but it just doesn’t seem to be my “cup of tea”:shrug:

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