Magnitude 6.0 Aftershock Hits Haiti

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti - A strong aftershock hit Haiti on Wednesday morning, shaking buildings and sending people running into the streets…

Aftershock Hits Haiti

Well they need our prayer. Hopefully this will not hamper the relief efforts, but with everything that is happening in that country, who knows. I will deffentely pray for them during my working day today.

On the radio this morning in the UK they had the British Army Col. who was the head of Brtiish forces in Bosnia during the disaster there. He was speculating given his experience on the current row between groups like Medicine Sans Frontieres and the US military and others. His opinion was that there seems to be any lack of centralised command and control hierachy and this is why things have become chaotic at points in regards to the relief efforts. His opinion was that the right people to be in charge would be the US military - not an exactly popular view it emerged - but seeing that the govt. of Haiti is for all practical purposes non-effective and that the UN moves very slowly to make decisions I could see his reasoning. And that’s coming from a dyed in the wool tree hugging confirmed socialist.

It’s horrible to think of an aftershock hitting these people. They have already gone through absolutely horrific experiences. They showed us a British rescue team digging up a woman the other day who had been lying dead next to her teenage daughter for several days. Even worse was her teenage son who had come rushing back to Port-au-Prince turning up as his mother was been freed and then finding his sister was dead.

Yes, they have been through more than enough. I continue to pray for them too.

I hope that the quakes/aftershocks stop there now, at least for a few hundred years. Those poor people! I just came across the article below, so I guess it was bound to happen eventually and will happen again, but I had no idea that Haiti was in a quake zone until the catostrophic quake hit.

"Haiti Earthquake: Fault Visible from Space
Stress had Built Underground for Decades; Estimating the Damage It Caused

It is not as if the earthquake in Haiti was a surprise to the world’s seismologists.

They had known for decades about the fault line that caused it, and some geologists, including Eric Calais of Purdue University and Paul Mann of the University of Texas, had warned as recently as 2008 that when the fault gave way, the result could be a quake of up to 7.2 magnitude."…

Full article here:

What they need is someone with the authority to make final decisions, who is intelligent enough to know what the needs are, and where things are needed, and who has the goal of getting as many people as possible back to a functional level of daily living, as quickly as possible.

This also means mobilizing as many people as possible into building projects, food aid, and transportation. The Haitians themselves should be involved in this work. As few outsiders as possible should be brought in, so as to conserve food, water, and energy.

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