Main Icons for Iconstasis?

The following 10 “main” icons are planned for my parish’s iconstasis. The vantage point is from the tetrapod facing towards the altar:

Royal Door Right: Theotokos, St. John, St. Luke (3 individual icons “stacked”)

Royal Door Left: Archangel Gabriel, St. Matthew, St. Mark (3 individual icons “stacked”)

Large Iconostasis #1 Right Lord Jesus Christ (closest to right royal door)
Large Iconostasis #2 Right Saint John the Forerunner
Large Iconostasis #3 Right Archangel Raphael (deacon’s door)
Large Iconostasis #4 Right Archangel Michael (furthest from right royal door)

Large Iconostasis #1 Left Theotokos (closest to left royal door)
Large Iconostasis #2 Left Icon of parish’s patron saint
Large Iconostasis #3 Left Saint Nicholas (deacon’s door)
Large Iconostasis #4 Left Archangel Gabriel (furthest from left royal door)

Are these legitimate AND good choices? Yes we have several other icons but I am most concerned about these 10 “main” icons. The Last Supper icon over the royal doors, the icon behind the altar and the much smaller icons above the aforementioned on the inconstasis seem OK.

Thanks for any insight.

Thats a similar setup we have at my parish, (Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Albuquerque), and it is simlpy magnifacent. I would say switch St. Michael with St. Raphael on the deacon door. I encourage that you keep those selections and send pictures :slight_smile:

That is very encouraging, thank you. There were questions about no icons of saintly deacon(s), no icon(s) or Sts. Peter or Paul and some other questions which might have no basis.

The deacon doors can either have deacons or the archangels. Usually the Apostles will be depicted somewhere if not on the main row of the Iconostasis.

The Deacon Doors should be archangels or deacons… Swap St. Nicholas and St Gabriel, For St. Nicholas was a bishop…

Is there any plan for the other apostles above later?
For the festal icons of the great feasts?
While these are not “vital”, planning for them now will allow for adding them without issue later…

And is the patron of the Eparchy also represented? (Since I don’t know which eparchy or Church Sui Iuris…)

The other Apostles will be depicted on a Last Supper icon that will be over the royal doors. Small festal icons will go above the main icons.

The icon of the patron saint of the parish should be to the right of the icon of Christ.

On the Royal Doors, you could also use St. John Chrysostom and St. Basil. This is usually done if the 4 Evangelists are surrounding the Pantocrator on the ceiling.

Hope this helps…

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