Maine Boy With Autism Improves After Adult Stem Cell Treatment

A young boy from Maine traveled to Costa Rica to receive adult stem cell therapy to treat his autism. The treatment center in Costa Rica implanted the boy with adult stem cells taken from cord blood.

Kenneth Kelley, 9, made the journey to Costa Rica:

From the article:

“Immediately when we were in Costa Rica, he just started talking a lot more. His vocabulary is probably 20 percent more conversation. He started going up to strangers and talking to them.”

The Kelley family had to go to Costa Rica for the procedure because it’s not done in the United States.

Marty is happy they made the trip.

“We know this is going to work for him. And we are 100 percent confident we’ll be going back to Costa Rica in January. This is what he needs and because done so well in hyperbaric oxygen chamber, we know this is going to be good for us.”

Once again, another adult stem cell success story- when are we going to stop forcing these sick patients to go abroad for a safe ethical treatment?

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Very interesting.

Is that all true? I have read some articles claiming , it’s all a lie and scam. I am very much interested with this treatment. Thanks for sharing.
stem cell treatment

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