Maine Family Planning to offer telemedicine abortions


Maine Family Planning to offer telemedicine abortions

Women throughout Maine will have greater access to abortions under a reproductive health group’s plan to connect them with doctors over video conference.

Patients who typically must drive long distances for the procedure may now arrange for an abortion via telemedicine at one of Maine Family Planning’s 17 centers throughout the state, the organization announced Monday.

The move makes Maine one of just three states, along with Iowa and Minnesota, where abortion services through telemedicine are broadly available, according to Maine Family Planning.

The improved access contrasts starkly with much of the rest of the country, the group said. Restrictions on abortions have proliferated in other states, including Texas, which once permitted telemedicine abortions but has since banned them and passed additional legal limits leading to the closure of dozens of clinics.

The U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to take up the Texas abortion law in a landmark case this spring.

Eighteen states ban abortions by telemedicine, largely by requiring a doctor to be in a patient’s physical presence during the procedure, according to the Guttmacher Institute, which advocates for access to abortion. Maine’s Legislature has never considered a ban on the practice.

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This means in more succinct terms:

Abortion Biz Opens 16 New Abortions Clinics in This State All at the Same Time, Here’s How**

I don’t know if the number is that big, 16 but this is a negative development certainly.


What is a telemedicine abortion?? I’ve never heard of it before!. God Bless, Memaw


I’ve read about it but I can’t really speak about it in any knowledgeable way. Thank you for your post.


Telemedicine is the dubious practice where a person picks up a telephone and gets a perscription…for murder in this case.


Sue Thayer, who worked for an Iowa planned parenthood.

What got her to quit was telemedicine abortions


The prescribing doctor skypes into regional offices to engage the patient. I think a nurse or PA is also in the room. The DR makes the diagnosis and prescription, then the nurse/PA administers the abortifacient drug just prescribed.


My understanding is that telemedicine abortion would be available for women who are candidates for medical, as opposed to surgical, abortions. In medical abortion, you just take two pills. It is extremely safe and uncomplicated done early in the pregnancy.

This is a smart way to extend these health services to woman across the country, who, in some states, are being forced to abide by more and more restrictive laws - costing them more money and time and headache and heartache.


Yes, and there is another individual involved, oh well, tough for them.


I’d also take exception to describing this process as safe; maybe percentage wise but there are certainly some exceptions.


It is considered a generally safe medical procedure, but you are correct that all medical procedures carry some risk.


And still kills a human life created by GOD.


In general telemedicine is a great step in reducing healthcare costs.

Specific to abortion, and referencing the current SCOTUS case, I’d prefer we enabled telemedicine and kept a required waiting period (etc.) over throwing out such restrictions because ‘abortion is not accessible’


This is sickening. It is gravely immoral. I really wish abortion would be completely abolished but I am not sure if that will ever happen or not.


They say there’s an app for everything…


I don’t think you understand how telemedicine works. Sue Thayer, former planned parenthood director or manager, spoke at my state’s right to life walk/rally. Telemedicine was one of the reasons she left. Basically you see a doctor remotely via video and then a drawer opens and there are the pills. No medical consult. No waiting period. And I very much doubt any medical history to make sure there won’t be any side effects. Just the effect of killing a newly formed HUMAN BEING.

I don’t want telemedicine to exist for killing humans of any age - doesn’t matter if they are growing in the womb or are elderly. We don’t need this.


Please provide a link. When I read up on this, every article indicated the patient was examined and attended by a PA or NP during the whole procedure.

The use of technology isn’t going away, Doctors even perform complex surgery remotely
Remote surgery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Telemedicine is truly going to be a large, important part of future healthcare in our country. And you are correct that it greatly reduces costs for all of us. It certainly makes a lot of sense for medical abortion, which rarely - if ever - causes any meaningful negative complications to the patient. It would not make sense for a women carrying a child to term, of course, because that is a much more complicated and risky endeavor.


When did abortions become extremely safe and uncomplicated?


Yes, what you say is correct! I don’t want it either!


something new they have come up with. I just recently learned about it.

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