Mainstream Media and true knowledge of events

I try to regularly watch documentaries about things such as the Iraq war, political things, financial things, health things, etc.

I am surprised at how little of what is presented in documentaries is covered by mainstream media.

Obviously, people who make documentaries are guided by their own views as to what constitutes “good documentary information” just like media moguls have their own guidance/opinions as to what constitutes “good mainstream media coverage” on events.

But i wonder, is there something deeper??? Here in America, if we rely on mainstream evening news reports, are we being purposefully kept in the dark about events and the significance of world events?

The mainstream media is geared toward making money. To make money they have to have cater to viewers so that they can get ad revenue. That is why reports on Brittany Spears have more play then serious, hard journalism.

To say the media is geared only toward making money is incomplete and simplistic. There are newspapers that have a particular political slant. They also have agendas that they advance, such as a local newspaper deciding to run classified ads for what they call “Wild Hearts.” This is their term for people seeking other people with which to commit adultery and for fornication. The New York Times decided to run ads for gay “marriage” announcements. Even the cartoons part of the paper has been politicized over the years, focusing less on what’s funny about life to statements about current politics.

If you really want to to find out about this subject, I suggest getting a copy of The Creation of the Media by Paul Starr. This book won a Pulitzer Prize.

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You might want to check out Ave Maria Radio, from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

I haven’t listend for a while, and just checked their Archive:

You can listen to the programs, but, if you don’t have time, you can just look at the headline topics and see all the news regarding faith and morals that is not covered by the commercial and cable networks.

In my opinion, it’s a good source, and no disrespect, IMO I don’t think they cover everything out there or explain everything well 100%; but it is probably one of the best Catholic news sources out there that’s easily available.

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