Maintaining a relationship with my aunt / Godmother

Hello All. I have an issue where I could feasibly use your advice. I have a developmental disability who still lives at home. I joined the Faith and was baptised nine years ago. I’d like some advice on how I can maintain a relationship with my aunt (mother’s older sister) and godmother. My mother is from a dysfunctional family with a lot of issues. She has broken off contact with this aunt some time ago for reasons which I respect and (at least rationally) understand and agree with. However, there is a large part of me that has a special relationship with this aunt, who is the last living sibling on my mom’s side. I would also like to visit her on my own terms at least a few times a year. Because of my disability, I can’t drive and would be using specialized transportation services in my city to make the visits, which could bring up a whole set of issues. Though my aunt an uncle are active in their parish (she rejoined the faith; my uncle converted), there are still some issues and I feel compelled to pray for her salvation.

I am basically at spiritual civil war with myself over this issue, and any advice would be appreciated.

If she has rejoined the Faith, attends Mass regularly and her husband has also converted, having at least occasional contact with her Godson could be very good for her. I understand that your Mother may have other issues with her sister, and perhaps old grudges, but you don’t need to be a part of her problem with her sister. You can insist you are neutral in their relationship with each other, but do wish to occasionally see your Godmother, simply because she IS your Godmother and is now a reverted Catholic in a Catholic home with a Catholic husband. Leave other issues out of it altogether, and just maintain a friendly relationship with your Godparent. It may help her and your Mother as well, but I would not get into any discussion, with either of them, on those issues.

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