Major League Baseball


Mickey Lolich … I know the name, but never saw him play “live”. I was born in 1970 and didn’t really become a baseball fan until 1982 - the Jack Morris era.


I remember both of them quite well - and dreading having to face them.

Don’t look now, but the Tribe has another streak going…


Tigers swept at home against the A’s. They’re up to 90 losses. :frowning:


My prediction for the balance of 2017:

The Rockies will beat the Diamondbacks in the wildcard. The Dodgers will squeak past the Rockies. The Nationals will beat the Cubbies and the Dodgers will beat the Nationals. They’ll end-up playing the Indians – although I don’t really follow the American League, the Indians are on a crusade and the Astros aren’t going to be able to stop them. The World Series itself is a toss-up.


I do LOVE the Chief Wahoo emblem though. Bill Veeck commissioned it in the 1940s.


The Cleveland Indians have decreased their use of “Chief Wahoo". MLB Commish Rob Manfred would like to see the Indians go further and “transition away” from the polarizing image altogether.

At the start of the 2016 season, the team’s owner said that his team would use its “Block C” logo as its “primary mark.”

My unbiased??? :slight_smile: predictions:

AZ over CO
LA over AZ???
Nats over Cubbies
Nats over LA or AZ

Tribe over Bankies
Houston over Bosox
Tribe over Stros

Tribe over Nats


I certainly hope the Indians don’t bow to pressure and dispense of Chief Wahoo. If they do, I give the moniker “Indians” 5-10 more years at most. Then they can become the Cleveland Burning Rivers or the Cleveland Snowflakes.


Tigers got slammed by the white sox last week


ALDS Oct 5…Go Tribe!!


Sometimes these sports announcers jump the gun a little bit. For example, the Brewers-Cubs game brought in Wade Davis to save the game for the Cubs who had a 2-1 lead going into the 9th. No sooner did they say Wade Davis had not blown a save all year than the first batter to face him hit a home run tying the game. Then the Cubs put one on the board in the 10th. Again he had a chance to save (technically a chance to win) A two-run homer won it for the Brewers in the bottom of the 10th.

Two blown saves in one game. But the guy did great all year. 37/38 isn’t too bad.


The playoff picture is coming into sharper focus. Arizona will host the NL wild card game, and it looks like the Yankees will probably be the home team for the AL game.

The Royals were eliminated last night.


100 wins for the Tribe!! Carrasco wins #18, strikes out 14…bring on whoever!!


What happened to the Twins fans here?


The Dodgers (102 wins) are going to go through Cleveland (or whomever) like Sherman through Georgia…


I will be rooting loudly for the Twins to beat the Yankees.


Haven’t NYY been dominating them for years?


Sounds about right to me, @SuperLuigi.


Over the last 30 games, the Dodgers are 11-19; the Indians are 27-3…bring it on!! [Sherman was an Ohioan]


Yet the Dodgers have still won more games this year than the Indians…


Yes…but what have they done lately?

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