Major League Baseball


Astros looked very strong against the yankees tonight. Judge strikes ot WAY too much


Dodgers win game 1 against the Cubs. So far, so good!


Haven’t you been keeping up?


I hope you don’t still feel the same about that.


So the Dodgers are back in the World Series! :baseball::city_sunrise::1st_place_medal::tada::fireworks:


Is it possible that the Dodgers’ Justin Turner and Catholic Answers’ Jimmy Akin are one in the same person?

turner akin


My Cubbies lost. :pensive:

At least they got to the NLCS. Game 5 was an embarrassment and is a testament to how the Cubs can just literally blow it. 11-1 … Are you serious? And at Wrigley. Up and down, that’s the '17 Cubs for ya. But LA Dodgers were the better club since Game 1.

A few thoughts of mine:

  1. They need to sort out their bullpen. Develop CEJ, and keep Davis and Monty. I miss Chapman.
  2. Their batting lineup, though powerful when on, just wasn’t consistent enough. They need to add a lead-off hitter that’s better than Zobrist (who they should keep).
  3. Zobrist needs to sort his sh_t out, both at the plate and on defense.
  4. The Professor will be fine despite a mostly mediocre post-season. Next semester will see him turning back exams, giving his students mostly Ds and Cs. Tough grader.
  5. I love the Cubs.

Next season will have the Cubs back in the NLCS, but this they’ll actually be in contention to win it. Game 5 should rightfully piss them off and get their butts burnin’.


Yeah that is what was expected of the Indians this year. To be back in the ALCS and WS after game 7 of the WS last year :slight_smile: and after that unbelievable Sept run this yr. But as an Indians fan, I know expectations don’t always play out. That said I have high expectations for my Tribe as well in 18. It will be 70 yrs of the longest drought in baseball without a WS title. Cubbies fans know all about that!


Dodgers vs. Astros. Play ball!


Yankees lose! Tha-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a — Yankees … LOSE! :grin:


The Astros will play an NL team in the WS this time. Seems weird.


I pretty much knew the Cubs weren’t going to repeat based on how they started the season. This just isn’t the kind of team that can win back-to-back.


You’re right. They were without Chapman, Ross, Soler, and Fowler, who all starred in last year’s postseason. Granted they had Davis, but the entire pitching staff struggled with walks allowed. Their pitching coach was the first to go.


That’s one reason why it’s hard to win consecutive titles in pro sports.


if you like masochism, pain & suffering

(w/in the benign & ultimately useless world of sports)

try being a ny mets’ fan ; which i am :frowning:


Maybe but look at how many fans you pick up when you lose 120 games in one year. (Which they did in the 60’s.) :slight_smile:

Seriously, probably because NY had lost both the Dodgers and the Giants a few years earlier.


@brian_custer, fellow Mets fan here! What do you think of the new manager hire?


Game one: Dodgers 3, Astros 1. We’re off to a good start!


Not a great fan of Baseball. But sometimes when I am free love to watch live match.


Go Stros! That pint-sized Altuve is adorable!

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